This collection contains posters from the University of Missouri Health Innovation and Improvement Sharing Days -- Support services category, including improvement work from a wide range of support services such as supply chain, fiscal and human resources management, marketing, facilities design and maintenance, food service, and administration.

Recent Submissions

  • Improve workflow on liability cases 

    Rasberry, Melissa; Scott, Tabitha (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
  • Women's and children's laboratory night shift scheduling 

    Dettenwanger, Katherine (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To decrease turnover rate of weekend night shift employees and improve employee satisfaction with a newly implemented schedule."--Aim statement
  • Where are the vacuums 

    Cook, Cindy; Perkins, Sonia (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "To decrease MUHC Main Hospital Environmental Services Staff time spent looking for a vacuum and to identify the number of vacuums in service."--Aim statement.
  • Where are the pillows 

    Smith, Gwen (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Make pillows available to patients at UH where and when they are needed while reducing the total time spent locating for pillows."--Aim statement.
  • UMHS move team process improvement 

    Conner, Jennifer (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "We aim to streamline scheduling and performing of moves and to increase Distribution staff satisfaction of the move process from 3.00 stars to 4.00 stars by 03/31/2017."--Aim statement.
  • Training manual for anatomic pathology transcription and general office routines 

    Brown, Linda A. (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "To increase the percent of lab employeeswho have been cross?trained and demonstrate ability to perform the tasks by following directions contained in the manual in Anatomic and Surgical Pathology from 33 percent to 50 ...
  • Tiger institute collaborative saves end user hours 

    Spellman, Leslie (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "To improve end user productivity and satisfaction by reducing the time spent waiting on support ticket issue resolution."--Aim statement.
  • Taking down the need for patient statement of responsibility (PSR) requests 

    Shepard, Summer (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "The purpose of this project was to reduce the need to request patients to sign PSR forms for radiology procedures if they have not been approved by insurance."--Project description.
  • TSIG findings : correction of issues found prior to tjc survey 

    Timms, Jack (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "By the end of this project, the Engineering Services Department will create and complete 726 work orders from issues found by a TSIG survey in order to be ready for the TJC Survey."--Aim statement.
  • Streamline additional investment request process 

    Foster, Susan (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Previously investment requests were manually submitted, reviewed, stored and summarized. With multiple manual steps it allows room for human error and takes significant manpower. Source documents were difficult to find ...
  • Starting new hires faster 

    Garrett, JT (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To reduce the average number of days from offer to New Staff Orientation on new hires by 10 percent"--Aim statement.
  • Standardize charting for pastoral care 

    Dyer, Art (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Improve the consistencyof charting in the Pastoral Care section of the EMR for three key elements from 63 percent to 80 percent by March 31, 2016."--Aim statement.
  • Staff compliance with annual health screening 

    Atencio-Spears, Jennifer (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Reduce the number of employees who did not meet their annual health screening deadline by 10 percent per month."--Aim statement.
  • Set-scheduling at MUPC 

    McCullough, Rona; Smith, Marla (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To reduce employee complaints regarding schedule when posted at MUPC from 10.00 to 5.00 by 5/31/2016."--Aim statement.
  • Regulatory survey response electronic system development 

    Hunnik, Pat Van; Smith, Carey; Hurtman, Claudia; Thoenen, Joan; Maler, Gayla; Loseman, Robert A. (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Currently, when we have a regulatory survey (The Joint Commission, CMS, etc.), notifications have to be manually pushed through the traditional pager system or by word of mouth. All documentation is pen and paper and typed ...
  • Reduction of after hours linen requests 

    Smith, Gwen; Frevert, Max (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "To provide adequate amounts of linen to patient care areas to ensure linen is readily available for patient care after hours. Adequate linen supplies will reduce the calls made for additional linen after hours to the EVS ...
  • Reduction in days to fill a position 

    Callan, Peter (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "We aimto reduce the days it takes to fill a position in Year One of this PDSA by at least 5 percent."--Aim statement.
  • Reducing no-shows for primary provider visits at South Providence Family Medicine 

    Rickard, Sherry; Feltner, Cindy (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "The overall No Show rate for all visits at South Providence Family Medicine (SPFM) was approximately 12 percent and higher before the current project. No Show appointments are a significant problem in primary care for ...
  • Reduce waste in payment variance workflow 

    Wright, Olivia (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "We aim to reduce waste in our payment variance workflow in Hospital Patient Accounts. This process begins with payments being posted into IDX and the process ends with evaluation of if payment received is correct per our ...
  • Reduce unbilled AR - improving processes to reduce aging unbilled AR for therapy charges 

    Sheridan, Jennifer (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Hospital Patient Accounts is working to reduce unbilled AR. Our focus became to reduce unbilled AR after discharge date on Hold Bill 388 (Repetitive Bill) by evaluating and revising the current process for working this ...

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