This collection contains posters from the University of Missouri Health Innovation and Improvement Sharing Days -- Research category, including clinical trials and clinical practice evaluation studies, population health studies, health informatics and health services research types of studies.

Recent Submissions

  • Workplace wellness programs 

    Sloan, Lauren; Eneogwe, Chiemela; Gregory, Grethcen; White, Rolfe (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "To review the evidenced based literature to identify methods of engaging employees in workplace wellness programs, reducing prevalence of obesity, reducing absenteeism and maximizing health benefits."--Objective.
  • Women's health in Greene county 

    Inman, Sara; Triplett, Alaina; Shaw, Alyssa (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "To find a correlation of increased education and the reduction of women's health diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and STI's."--Objective.
  • "We have made women and children silent in the home" : service provider perspectives on intimate partner violence in ghana 

    Bloom, Tina; Udmuangpia, Tipparat; Dillard, Shawn (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore Ghanaian service providers' perspectives on IPV, and on the feasibility, appropriateness, acceptability, safety and usability of adapting myPlan for Ghana."--Aim.
  • Utility of pediatric expertise in dermatology echo conference 

    Bridges, Catherine; Becevic, Mirna; Dyer, Jonathan; Martin, Kari; Edison, Karen (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) is a program that uses videoconferencing technology to connect specialists with primary care providers (PCPs) to reduce healthcare disparities and promote cross- disciplinary ...
  • Using l2b2 for quality improvement 

    Green, Tim A.; Mosa, Abu (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "I2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside) is a widely used tool in academic spaces that promotes access to clinical information for research and QI purposes. At the University of Missouri, i2b2 provides ...
  • Use of bone modifying agents for patients at risk for breast cancer treatment 

    Presutto, Justin T.; Kettle, Jacob (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "The goal of this study is to assess the utilization and appropriate use of bone targeting therapy among breast cancer patients receiving treatment with an AI. Subsequent analysis of the results will be used to develop ...
  • Speech performance in als : influence of speech motor and linguistic complexity 

    Kuruvilla-Dugdale, Mili; Green, Jordan R.; Hogan, Tiffany P.; Custer, Claire M. (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "The primary objective was to determine the effects of motor and linguistic complexity of spoken words on tongue motor control as indexed by the spatiotemporal variability of tongue movements. Hypothesis 1: Individuals ...
  • Speaking rate effects on tongue motor control in talkers with als 

    Kuruvilla-Dugdale, Mili; Mefferd, Antje (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "The objective of this study was to determine the effects of cued speaking rate modulations on tongue movement variability in talkers with ALS and healthy controls. Hypothesis 1: Talkers with ALS will display lower tongue ...
  • Sparc : a central and online portal for research services 

    Mandhadi, Vasanthi; Kanugo, Jayanth; Shahreen, Maniza; Mosa, Abu S. M.; Parker, Jerry C. (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "Clinical and basic research studies require various research related services. For every research study, researchers need to go through a complex process for: receiving up to date pricing information for research services ...
  • Nocinv : development of a smartphone application for predicting chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting using apple researchkit 

    Kanugo, Jayanth; Mosa, Abu S. M.; Yoo, Illhoi; Hossain, A. Mosharraf (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "Using risk calculation algorithms for clinical decision making at the point-of-care can lead to incorrect results and hours of time for a complete panel of patients. Smartphones have become very popular among physicians ...
  • Recurrence of venous thromboembolism associated with rivaroxaban use compared to enoxaparin in cancer patients 

    Nicklaus, Megan; Ludwig, Shannon; Kettle, Jacob (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    BACKGROUND: In the treatment of venous thromboembolism(VTE) in cancer patients, two trials that have shown superiority of the use of a low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) as compared to standard therapy of initial treatment ...
  • Perceptions regarding adolescent pregnancy among a group of thai adolescents in sweden 

    Udmuangpia, Tipparat; Haggstrom-Nordin, Elisabet; Worawong, Chiraporn; Tanglakmankhong, Kamonthip; Bloom, Tina (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "About 14 percent of Swedish adolescents are immigrants.1-2 This population is at higher risk of adolescent pregnancy.1-2 These adolescents have been socialized in two different societies and in two different cultures where ...
  • Offender outcomes of training dogs in prison : the puppies for parole program 

    Megarani, Dorothea V.; Johnson, Rebecca A.; Lombardi, George; Osterlind, Steven; Yaglom, Hayley; Haarman, Nicole L.; Cade Elliot (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "Significant Findings: 1. Improved self-perceived physical health compared to one year ago (p=0.009). 2. Improved self-perceived mental health compared to one year ago (p=0.023). 3. Increased medical service requests ...
  • Modernizing the house call in randolph county, missouri to decrease diabetes related ed visits 

    Crawford, Mason; Bond, Suzanne; Taggart, Jake (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "To identify opportunities to improve ACS conditions that lead to increased ED visits in rural Missouri."--Objective.
  • Mobile on-site mammography : can it increase screening? 

    Braun, Tim; Greene, Keisha; Patel, Nitu (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "To increase breast cancer awareness and access to screening in rural communities."--Purpose.
  • Medication use evaluation of a three factor prothrombin complex concentrate in an academic medical center 

    Patel, Puja; Thompson, Jennifer (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To evaluate the use of 3-factor PCC at an academic medical center and refine the prescribing of 3-factor PCC to ensure indication for use and dose is appropriate, while minimizing waste of this medication."--Purpose.
  • Levetiracetam vs. lacosamide for seizure prophylaxis 

    Hipp, Stephanie; McCormick, Ashley; Hedgecorth, Jennifer (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "To determine whether lacosamide is associated with less CNS events when compared to levetiracetam for seizure prophylaxis in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) or intracranial hemorrhage (ICH)"--Purpose.
  • Leisure time physical inactivity obesity and diabetes rates in the southern united states 

    O'Connor, Jennifer; Scharff, Jane; Wipke-Tevis, Deidre (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To explore changes in and relationships among leisure time physical INactivity(LTPIA), obesity & DM rates in the US from 1994-2012."--Purpose.
  • Is working memory affected in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? 

    Harmata, Diana M. S.; Kuruvilla-Dugdale, Mili S. (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To identify working memory components that are affected in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis."--Aim.
  • Is phq-2 screening good enough for our patients? 

    Clary, Megan; Crawford, Mason (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "The USPSTF recommends all adolescents age [greater than or equal to]12 years be screened for depression at annual exams. Our clinic successfully implemented of a PHQ-9 screening process for PHQ-9 in adolescent patients ...

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