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    An articulatory kinematic study of loud speech in talkers with als [1]
    Assessing the appropriateness of pneumococcal vaccine administration for adult inpatients and outpatients at an academic medical center [1]
    Asthma management program [1]
    Availability and use of oral health care for the medicaid population in missouri [1]
    Bilateral stimulation in emdr a comparison between tactile and auditory modalities [1]
    Breast cancer : get your butt moving [1]
    Breast cancer incidence in post-menopausal women [1]
    Cancer in Cole County Missouri : quit smoking [1]
    Caregiver depression and supervision of young children [1]
    Chronic pain management echo project learning collaborative network [1]
    Clinical decision support for end of life care : a systematic review of literature [1]
    A community-based intervention for cardiovascular disease in the medicare eligible population of an underprivileged county in missouri [1]
    Conversion of classroom education to online education [1]
    Dermatology echo : an evaluation of physician learning using the guided practice model [1]
    Dermatology echo saves money! [1]
    Describing the mechanisms of older adults falls recorded in video by the microsoft kinect sensor [1]
    Discrepancies in measuring bladder volumes with bedside ultrasound and bladder scanning in the icu [1]
    Dual tasking while speaking : to do or not to do [1]
    Evaluation of a mindfulness-based stress reduction intervention [1]
    Evaluation of hospital wide utilization of the heparin dosing protocol for deep vein thrombosis (dvt) and pulmonary embolism (pe) in the obese population [1]