The second annual MU Health Care Evidence-based Practice poster event.

Recent Submissions

  • Initial specimen diversion technique to reduce blood culture contamination 

    Tompkins, Jessica; Schache, Katrina (2023)
    "Problem: Burdens on healthcare systems including unnecessary antibiotic administration, longer length of stay, and greater cost. Typically caused by improper technique when drawing, but can also be from skin bacteria. In ...
  • Perceptions, barriers, and methods for the early detection and intervention of clinical deterioration in hospitalized adults 

    Mock, Benjamin (2023)
    "Significant clinical changes in neurological and respiratory function of patients are associated with increased mortality. Minor changes of these functions have been noted within 24 hours of an inpatient death associated ...
  • Addressing alarm fatigue in the intensive care settings : quality improvement framework to reduce secondary alarm notification volume 

    Mock, Benjamin; Buchheit, Yvonne; Edwards, Bob; Ryan, Jaqueline; Hoehne, Jessica; Strathmann-Vargas, Dawnel; Creel, Alana; Creamer, Tom; Dowler, Melissa; Dunlap, Micah (2023)
    " For nurses working in intensive care units(ICUs),does standardizing middleware algorithms and SAN device notification pathways reduce notification volume and perceptions of alarm fatigue in 5months?"--Research Question.
  • Nurse resident job satisfaction with a formal mentorship program 

    Hoehne, Jessica D. (2023)
    "This quality improvement (QI) project aims to evaluate the impact of a new mentoring program on the job satisfaction of nurse residents as part of their participation in the nurse residency program between January 2023 ...
  • Retaining nurses with crew resources management 

    Herin, Brent (2023)
    "The purpose of this evidenced based practice project is to evaluate the implementation of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training and culture, on staff satisfaction and retention over a two year period."--Purpose.
  • Daily SBAR sheet for pediatric patients with central lines 

    Enzwiler, Jordan M. (2023)
    "Evaluate the use of SBAR sheets on compliance of daily bath completion and documentation for patients with central lines."--Purpose
  • Safe-T expanding services and improving patient outcomes 

    Delp, Jennifer (2023)
    "Sexual assault is a serious public health issue affecting men, women and children statewide. In 2021 there were 3,262 reports of sexual assault in Missouri (Missouri State Highway Patrol, 2023). 12% of reported sexual ...
  • Patient safety outcomes with bedside reporting 

    Butkievich, Karen; Hopkins, Megan (2023)
    "This EBP project was started in response to patient safety events reported that could have been prevented had nursing staff completed change of shift hand off at the patient's bedside. A few commonly found events included ...
  • Behavioral emergency response team (BERT) implementation 

    Miner, Monica (2023)
    "Violence is on the rise among healthcare workers. The Joint Commission recommends de-escalation training. De-escalation is the efforts to utilize communication with a patient to reduce agitation or aggression or to allow ...
  • Improving pediatric nursing practice utilizing electronic K-cards 

    McIntosh, Renae (2023)
    "Kamishibai cards (K-cards) are forms created to find abnormalities and errors in the manufacturing business. Efficient and correct processes results green. Abnormalities or errors in a process produces a red result. ...
  • Nurse retention 

    Larson, Amy (2023)
    "The purpose of this evidence-based practice project is to examine the impact of required paid counseling and mental health training for all staff nurses, and how it impacts retention rates each year."--Purpose.
  • Addressing chronic back pain in adults 

    Jeffries, Savannah G. (2023)
    "Reduce the number of opioid drug-related overdose deaths in U.S. adults. Reduce the incidence of major adverse opioid effects for adults with chronic back pain (CBP), such as tolerance, dependence, misuse, and addiction ...