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    From Bench to Invention Disclosure: A Practical Primer for Inventors and R&D Managers [1]
    From conception to corporation: accelerate to commercialization [1]
    From conception to corporation: getting off square one [1]
    From conception to corporation: it's an idea, is it an invention? [1]
    Highly efficient water heater [abstract] [1]
    Hybrid integrated thermal electric and ejector active cooling system [abstract] [1]
    Improved cardiac left ventricle imaging using multiparametric strain analysis (MPS) [abstract] [1]
    Improving crop nitrogen response and production [abstract] [1]
    Inexpensive mehtod of purifying δ-tocotrienol [abstract] [1]
    Late osteoblast/early osteocyte-like cell line for visualizing collagen assembly in living cells [abstract] [1]
    Life sciences elevator pitches [1]
    Low energy implantable cardioverters for atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia [abstract] [1]
    MedSocket: a personalized medical meta-search engine for questions at the point of care [1]
    Method and apparatus for plant drought stress management [abstract] [1]
    Missouri Technology Expo 2010 Event Book [1]
    Missouri Technology Expo 2010 sponsors [1]
    Multi-mode nanothermite thrusters with tunable impulse [abstract] [1]
    Nano microbe zapper (NMZ): a novel eco-safe nanoparticle mediated antimicrobial killer [1]
    Nanomedicine approach for sustained release delivery of Avastin: treatment for PXE and AMD [abstract] [1]
    Nanopore-facilitated single molecule detection of circulating microRNAs in cancer patients [1]