• Engineering elevator pitches 

    Maland, Brett; Lukosi, Eric; Derakhshani, Reza; Manring, Noah; Korampally, Venumadhav, 1972-; Staley, Clay (2010-10)
    This video presents the elevator pitches given in the field of engineering. Each elevator pitch consists of a presentation from the faculty/student innovator, followed by questions/answers from the audience.
  • Research, collaboration, and investment 

    Fender, Chris; Murphy, Keith; Gangopadhyay, Keshab; Rowe, Bill; Sha, Qun (2010-10)
    This panel featured companies that are seeking research collaboration and/or investment - Organovo, NEMS/MEMS Works LLC, Verapulse, AST, Cardialen, Nanoparticle Biochem Inc. Each presenter provided information about his ...