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    Academic satisfaction among East Asian international students in the U.S. : an examination of SCCT [1]
    Achieving sustainability through re-municipalized energy services : exploring formation, efficacy, and impacts of community choice aggregations [1]
    Adaptations enabling PBP1a-driven polar growth in Agrobacterium tumefaciens [1]
    Advancing Uranium(III) reductive chemistry through hetroleptic metallocene aryloxide ligand frameworks [1]
    Agroforestry and cover crops for improving surface water and groundwater quality [1]
    AI-driven techniques for enhanced efficiency in psychiatry clinical scheduling [1]
    Airing equity : the impact of activism and federal policy on women in broadcast journalism, 1964-1985 [1]
    Analyzing the impact of a CAT Time response to intervention program [1]
    Applying deep learning technologies to discovery and characterization of genetic variants in animal genomes [1]
    Assessing biotic communities and the capacity of restored bottomland hardwood forested wetlands to provide multiple ecosystem functions [1]
    Assessing strategies for achieving environmentally sustainable food systems using robust optimization [1]
    Assessment of the CO2 sequestration potential of the Morrow-B Sandstone in the Farnsworth Unit, Northern Texas through numerical modeling and laboratory batch reaction experiments [1]
    An assessment of UAV technology and shattercane population dynamics to improve pest management [1]
    The asymptotic Samuel function of a filtration [1]
    Average treatment effect evaluation with time-to-event data in randomized clinical trials and observational studies [1]
    Awareness of immigration policy among high school counselors in Missouri : implications for undocumented college-bound students [1]
    B2 or not B2 : loss of ephrin-B2 in endothelial cells during development, homeostasis, and regeneration [1]
    Bayesian and machine learning models for dependent data with applications to official statistics and survey methodology [1]
    Becoming the bystander : a cultural phenomenon [1]
    A behavioral genetic examination of the relation between adolescent polysubstance use and educational attainment [1]