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Family traditions

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Title: Family traditions
Author: Scott, Eric Otis
Keywords: United States -- Missouri -- Kirksville
Date: 2011-01-20
Publisher: University of Missouri--Kansas City
Abstract: Family Traditions tells the story of young adults who have grown up as Wiccans. Because Wicca remains a new and small religion, the vast majority of its followers converted from Christianity or other faiths, and the number of people who have been raised as Wiccans is vanishingly small. These children learn to hide their religion from their schools and families and confront the negative associations society makes toward neopaganism while handling the disillusion and doubt that comes with any religion. But these difficulties also result in intense bonds between the children of Wiccans, and those relationships form the basis for many of these stories. The works include linked stories of a fictional coven and the author's own experiences of both the absurd and the profound.

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