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    Multi-mode nanothermite thrusters with tunable impulse [abstract] [1]
    Nanomedicine approach for sustained release delivery of Avastin : treatment for PXE and AMD [abstract] [1]
    Nanopore-facilitated single molecule detection of circulating microRNAs in cancer patients [1]
    A nanotechnology-based electrochemical DNA sensing apparatus and method [abstract] [1]
    Neutron and gamma ray spectroscopic detection system [1]
    New inhibitor suppresses foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) [abstract] [1]
    Non-invasive blood glucose detector [abstract] [1]
    Novel collagen based scaffold to promote tissue regeneration for commercial applications [1]
    Novel compounds to treat urinary tract infection [abstract] [1]
    Novel genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease progression [abstract] [1]
    Novel mini/micro-dystrophin genes restore nNOS to the sarcolemma and improve the therapeutic outcome for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy [abstract] [1]
    Organosilicate nanoparticles and its applications in chem-biosensors, electronics, multifunctional coatings and textiles [1]
    Platform technology for improving ocular drug delivery [1]
    Q3D: a device to quantitatively measure visual suppression [1]
    Radioisotope micorbattery [sic] based on liquid semiconductors [abstract] [1]
    Recrystallized laser deposited materials [abstract] [1]
    Relative study between anti-EGFR and GE-11 peptide conjugated gold nanoparticles for in vivo targeting in pancreatic cancer [abstract] [1]
    Removal of toxic contaminates from polluted soil and water via bioremediation utilizing bacillus spores [abstract] [1]
    Research and commercialization for converting oily biomass into usable dry products in non-oily and free-flowing form [abstract] [1]
    SciNote: revolutionize knowledge sharing for scientists [abstract] [1]