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Maintaining Small Dams

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Title: Maintaining Small Dams
Author: Pfost, Donald L.; Curry, Hugh A.
Date: 1996-05
Publisher: University of Missouri Office of Extension
Abstract: Dams are a valuable asset. They usually impound water with little input from the owner, and problems that occur usually are minor. Problems can worsen, however, and can become more expensive to repair if not fixed promptly. When a dam needs work, do it as soon as possible. A minor problem can turn into a major reconstruction project or even result in dam failure. This guide describes actions you should take and items you should check to keep your small dams in good repair. For the purposes of this guide, small dams are defined as less than 35 feet high and located so that any damage that may occur from dam failure is limited to farm buildings, agricultural land or township and country roads.
Other Identifiers: G1548

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