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Wound care [abstract]

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Title: Wound care [abstract]
Author: Day, Delbert E.; Jung, Steven
Keywords: bioactive material
wound healing
Date: 2010-10
Abstract: The invention can be used as a wound care material for treating both hard and soft tissues in mammals. Wounds such as diabetic ulcers or other open wounds can be covered with this bioactive and biodegradable material to form a temporary and resorbable barrier while providing useful materials to promote the wound healing process. This bioactive material can be made into a variety of shapes and forms for applications ranging from wound covering to implant fixation. Potential Areas of Applications: * Flexible dressing for wound care management comprising a three-dimensional compressible body of loose glass-based fibers * Can also be formed into rigid material for implantation * Can be combined with other materials to promote healing * Can be formulated as biocompatible surgical glue for closing a wound * Material can be compounded to contain trace elements to promote bone, vessel and tissue growth Patent Status: US Patent Utility Application Filed Inventor(s): Delbert Day, Steven Jung Contact Info: Keith Strassner; 573-341-6725 Eric Anderson; 573-341-4551 Vera Anderson; 573-341-7263

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