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    Energy consumption and environmental degradation in Iraq : the role of renewables, electricity, fossil fuels, and natural resources [1]
    Exploring the association between green innovation, leadership and environmental performance : mediation of green self-efficacy [1]
    Factors affecting sustainable agriculture in Iraq : evidence from employment, CPI, rents, and policies [1]
    Food values, personality traits, and attitudes towards genetically modified food in Norway and the United States [1]
    Fostering employee pro-environmental behavior : the role of green commitment as a mediator in the context of green management practices [1]
    Fresh fruit supply based on market competition model : empirical evidence from 14 cities in Guangxi, China [1]
    Identifying the role played by climate change in agricultural productivity : evidence from Iraq [1]
    The impact of sustainable finance and agriculture growth on poverty alleviation : the role of digital agriculture in Vietnam [1]
    An investigation into the factors of tourists' environmentally responsible behaviour [1]
    Investment in coffee farming based on community encouragement [1]
    Rice import policy : assessing the income of farmers from agriculture in Indonesia [1]
    The role of rice cultivation techniques, farm management and natural resources on agricultural development in Indonesia : moderating role of government support [1]
    The role of the digital economy, business synergy, and trade policies on global economic prosperity in India and China [1]
    The spread of intangible cultural heritage in the rural agricultural environment of modern China under the epidemic economic environment [1]
    Studying the impact of green human resource management practices on sustainable workforce : the integration of employee engagement with organizational culture [1]
    Sustainable economic growth in Iraq : role of industrialization, deforestation, trade, employment, technology, and agriculture [1]
    U.S. adult attitudes about biotechnology and risk aversion to gene editing [1]