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    Commodity Based Sovereign Wealth Funds: An Alternative Path to Economic Development [1]
    Detecting change-points in a Compound Poisson Process [1]
    Development Theory and the Cold War: A Historical Analysis of Latin American Structuralism from 1930 to 1970 [1]
    Developmental state and agriculture for development: lessons for Ghana from East Asia [1]
    Dynamics of Economic Corruption [1]
    Ecological Regionalism: A Synthesis of Ecological Economics and Organicist Regionalism [1]
    The Effect of Participatory Budgeting on the Provisioning Process [1]
    An empirical analysis of alternative explanations for the female wage gap [1]
    Employment generation programs and long term development- the case of India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Act [1]
    Enhancing Development in the Saudi Renewable Energy Sector: A Promising Strategy for Job Creation and Economic Diversification [1]
    Essays on Investment Stagnation and Financialization [1]
    An Evaluation of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families from the Catholic Social Teaching Perspective [1]
    The evolution of the U.S. financial architecture, asset prices, and the role of fiscal and monetary policy [2]
    Exchange Rate Policy In Development Theories: To Fix Or To Float In The Case Of Nepal [1]
    The Financialization of the Business Enterprise [1]
    Full Employment and Development: The Case of Indian Economy [1]
    Generalized Multiplicative Error Models: Asymptotic Inference and Empirical Analysis [1]
    A Heterodox Analysis of International Exchange and Employment Policies [1]
    The historical transformation of indigenous and colonial institutions of Central Mexico: monetary and production systems [1]
    Human Development As the Expansion of Work Capability: An Examination of Vietnam [1]