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    3D modeling and integration of current and future interconnect technologies [1]
    A Computational Study of The Electrical Response of Biological Cells with Realistic Three-Dimensional Morphologies [1]
    A Cubic Spline Projection Method for Computing Stationary Density Functions of Frobenius-Perron Operator [1]
    A modeling framework for spatial transmission of Covid-19 in local communities [1]
    A study of carbon and iron charged point defects in gallium nitride: electronic structure implications for high-power photoconductive solid state switch applications [1]
    Ab initio calculations of mechanical, thermodynamic and electronic structure properties of mullite, Iota-alumina and boron carbide [1]
    Ab initio computational applications of electronic structure and spectroscopic Properties of bulk Crystalline materials [1]
    Ab initio computational applications to complex biomolecular systems [1]
    Ab Initio Study of Amorphous Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework (A-ZIF) and Pyrophosphate crystals [1]
    Addressing On-Chip Power Conversion and Dissipation Issues in Many-Core System-on-a-Chip based on Conventional Silicon and Emerging Nanotechnologies [1]
    Amorphous hydrogenated boron carbide for solid-state direct-conversion thermal neutron detection [1]
    An Analysis of the Stellar Mass Properties of Distant Galaxy Clusters From the Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey (MaDCoWS) [1]
    An Investigation into the Contribution of Hybrid Renewable Energy System to Utility Grid in the Regions with Arid Climate [1]
    Application of Ab Initio Calculations and Molecular Dynamics to Collagen and Brome Mosaic Virus [1]
    Application of ab initio calculations to collagen and brome mosaic virus [1]
    The Bulk and Interfacial Electronic and Chemical Structure of Amorphous Hydrogenated Boron Carbide [1]
    Challenges and solutions for large-scale integration of emerging technologies [1]
    Characteristic Mode Analysis of Crumpled Graphene Flakes and A New Green’s Functions Evaluation Method for Layered Media [1]
    Chemical and biochemical applications of vibrational spectroscopy [1]
    Comparative Investigation of LIBS Spectra and Crater Morphology During Laser Ablation of Eutectic BiSn Alloys [1]