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    A Family Affected By Autosomal Dominant Non-Syndromic Tooth Agenesis - A Genetic Study [1]
    A universal approach to stabilize water-oil interface via surfactant self-assembly [1]
    Acetaminophen Versus Ibuprofen for the Control of Immediate and Delayed Pain Following Orthodontic Separator Placement [1]
    Advanced Education Orthodontics Program Curricula Pre- and Post-COVID-19 [1]
    Age and Gender Effects on Strain Response and Biomechanical Performance of C57BL/6 Mice [1]
    Assessment of Dental Students' Attitudes and Awareness of Climate Change in a Midwestern Dental School [1]
    Assessment of Underrepresented Minority Enrollment in Orthodontic Residency Programs [1]
    Association of Nasal Septum Area and Deviation with Anteroposterior Maxillary Position and Facial Skeletal Asymmetries [1]
    Characterization of the Organic Matrix of Mature Human Tooth Enamel: Structure, Macromolecular Composition and Effect of Radiotherapy [1]
    Clinical Acceptability of Digital Indirect Bonding Compared to Direct Bonding by Varying Orthodontic Experience: Pilot Study [1]
    Coated and Uncoated Nickel-Titanium Archwires: Mechanical Property and Surface Topography Response to a Simulated Oral Environment with and without Bracket-Related Load Deflection Induced Stress [1]
    Comparing a Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Assessment of Unilateral Alveolar Cleft Repairs: A Pilot Project [1]
    Cost analysis of the Miles of Smiles Program, a school-based preventive oral health program [1]
    Dental Students' Knowledge Related to Peri-Implantitis Diagnosis and Willingness to Treat or Refer: A Pilot Study [1]
    Digital Technology and Digital Workflow Application in the Current Landscape of Private Practice Orthodontics [1]
    The effect of archwire vibrations on the stick-slip behavior of the bracket-archwire interface utilizing clinically relevant tipping moments [1]
    Effect of Build Angle and Model Body Type (Solid vs Shell) on Accuracy of 3D-Printed Orthodontic Models Using a DLP Printer [1]
    Effect of Delayed Polymerization Time and Bracket Manipulation on Orthodontic Bracket Bonding [1]
    Effect of Final Irrigation on Sealer-Dentin Interface for a Methacrylate-Based Resin Sealer [1]
    Effect of Highly Filled Light-Cured Resin Sealant on Bracket Shear Bond Strength in Demineralization Conditions [1]