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    What are the risks of recurrent seizures in adults if seizure medications are stopped after a prolonged seizure-free period?
    What are the sensitivity and specificity of the PHQ-2 and the PHQ-9 in screening for depression?
    What cold sore medication is most effective at speeding resolution?
    What complementary and alternative therapies are safe and effective for tension headache?
    What genetic or ethnic factors increase the risk of melanoma?
    What impact does hCG therapy have on patients with obesity?
    What is a safe platelet count prior to invasive procedures?
    What is the best imaging modality for the diagnosis of gallbladder carcinoma?
    What is the best initial antibiotic for patients hospitalized with MRSA cellulitis?
    What is the best initial management for acute symptomatic hyperphosphatemia?
    What is the best method for ablating the nail plate during surgical treatment of an ingrown toe nail?
    What is the best method of compression to speed healing of venous stasis ulcers?
    What is the best method to reduce postpartum morbidity among women with prolonged obstructed labor?
    What is the best screening test for past tuberculosis infection?
    What is the best screening tool for assessing PTSD in primary care?
    What is the best skin closure for a cesarean section?
    What is the best strategy to determine the cause of chronic urticaria?
    What is the best treatment for corneal abrasion?
    What is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men with diabetes mellitus?
    What is the best use of serum markers in the evaluation of threatened miscarriage?