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    What is the best way to diagnose rupture of membranes?
    What is the best way to manage postmenopausal patients with osteopenia?
    What is the etiology and significance of otherwise asymptomatic temporomandibular (TMJ) joint popping and clicking?
    What is the long-term educational outlook for youngsters with ADHD?
    What is the minimum number of days that antibiotics should be given to a patient hospitalized with uncomplicated pneumonia?
    What is the most common pattern of hearing loss associated with acoustic neuroma?
    What is the most effective treatment for acne rosacea?
    What is the most effective treatment for community-acquired pneumonia in immunocompromised adults?
    What is the most effective treatment for insomnia in the elderly?
    What is the most effective treatment for restless legs syndrome (RLS)?
    What is the prognostic implication of right bundle branch block in asymptomatic coronary artery disease patients?
    What is the recurrence rate of intussusception in children?
    What is the relative efficacy of H2 blockers and PPIs in treating patients with reflux symptoms?
    What is the role of montelukast in chronic idiopathic urticaria?
    What is the safest antidepressant medication for use in pregnancy?
    What is the target heart rate in a patient with chronic atrial fibrillation?
    What is the upper limit of normal for an amniotic fluid index for a 41-week fetus?
    What is the value of a clinical impression of costochondritis in the evaluation of chest pain?
    What is the work-up of an asymptomatic murmur in adults?
    When is discectomy indicated for lumbar disc disease?