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    Ice and cold application for musculoskeletal soft-tissue trauma
    In depth (Evidence-based practice, 2011)
    In evaluating hyponatremia in a patient who is taking a diuretic, is there any value to checking uric acid level?
    In hospitalized patients with coronary artery disease, what level of anemia should prompt transfusion?
    In morbidly obese adults, should antibiotic dosing regimens be adjusted to achieve the same level of effectiveness compared with normal-weight adults?
    In patients experiencing acute pain, how does the efficacy and gastrointestinal tolerability of tapentadol compare with oxycodone?
    In patients with celiac disease, what is the prognosis?
    In patients with diabetes, are angiotensin II receptor blockers comparable to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in preserving renal function?
    An information roller-coaster ride
    Integrative medicine (Evidence-based practice, 2011)
    Interventions for heart failure
    Intramuscular vs intravenous oxytocin for active management of the third stage of labor
    Is a D-dimer test useful in predicting future clot development after completion of vitamin K antagonist therapy for an unprovoked PE or DVT?
    Is a history of superficial thrombophlebitis a contraindication to the use of estrogen replacement therapy (ERT)?
    Is acupuncture an effective treatment for generalized anxiety disorder?
    Is capsaicin effective for neuropathic pain?
    Is colchicine an effective treatment for pericarditis?
    Is docusate an effective medication for chronic constipation?
    Is garlic effective in lowering lipid levels?
    Is inhaled cannabis an effective treatment for chronic neuropathic pain?