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Recent Submissions

  • Revising the Future: Exploring Ethnofuturism 

    Davis, Andrew Scott (2022)
    While the desire for a postracial, colorblind society remains an emotional investment, the present reality of race and racist attitudes ingrained in the structure of American culture suggest that any such imagined future ...
  • No One is Looking For You 

    Bradley, Savannah Jane (2022)
    The poems in this manuscript explore the emotional landscape of an emotionally repressed speaker to explore opposing themes of isolation and connection; self-denial and self discovery; and rage and hope. It is perpetually ...
  • (Un)natural Bridges, (Un)safe Spaces: A Critical Qualitative Study of Spanish as a Foreign Language Educators’ Perceptions of Heritage Language Learners in Mixed Classrooms 

    Silva, Marta (2022)
    Chicana feminist scholar Gloria Anzaldúa has been an integral part of research on hybrid identities and consciousness. In an increasingly multicultural and multilingual school system, educators of Spanish as a foreign ...
  • Confluences 

    Standlee, Emily Anne (2022)
    This collection of poems, essays, and fictional stories is meant to mirror a confluence of rivers, made navigable by threads—or currents—that weave through and redirect my life. Some of my life’s water (so far) has been ...
  • Conflicts of Law in Antebellum America: Criticism of the United States Constitution and the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act in the Works of William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Lysander Spooner, Lydia Maria Child, and Herman Melville 

    Hunter, Sharon K. (2022)
    The quest for African Americans to gain emancipation and equal civil rights occupied the efforts of abolitionists and antislavery advocates for much of the nineteenth century. For both men and women who valued the democratic ...
  • When There Were Knives I Dreamed of It 

    Henn, Mary (2021)
    This thesis, When There Were Knives I Dreamed of It, is a collection of poems and prose in three parts. It is prefaced with a long-form poem comprised of 11 parts, which is intended to establish the tone for the work that ...
  • Sex and Jesus: Notes from a Pastor's Daughter 

    Stokes, Anna Elizabeth (2021)
    This thesis is a collection of nonfiction and poetic works that represent the author’s output as a candidate for Master of Fine Arts. These personal essays and poems are interested in intersections and unlikely combinations: ...
  • Our End Times 

    Randolph, Gilbert James (2021)
    In the spirit of novels like The Mothers and The Incendiaries, Our End Times explores the pain of leaving faith communities. Daniel and Ethel are caught up in a sex scandal in their small, Pentecostal church. They leave ...
  • Family Portraits 

    Ashley, Shannon Marie (2021)
    This thesis is a collection of poems in two parts. The first section is comprised of poems about my grandfather and his genealogy research. It endeavors to explore the ways we see people after they are gone. My grandfather ...
  • Feel Better Soon: Collected Short Stories 

    Olsen, Caleb (2021)
    The stories in this collection were written from 2018-2021. They are fictional works designed to explore what happens when the mundane meets the extraordinary. Though the characters and their situations are works of the ...
  • Ichor 

    Shi, Xiao Zhi (2021)
    This project includes the pilot episode and series bible for a one-hour teleplay titled Ichor, a sci-fi epic.
  • On Both Sides - A Novel 

    Arnone, Chris Michael (2020)
    On August 11 and 12, 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia was the site of a rally for Unite the Right, an Alt-Right (neo-Nazi) group. This group sought to further white nationalist ideals and to protest the proposed removal of ...
  • Navigation errors 

    Kotur, Kevin (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 2019)
    Navigation Errors is a collection of personal essays that explore the ideas of religious fundamentalism, humanity’s place in—and relation to—nature, physical and mental challenge, paradigm shifts, and the mistakes that ...
  • The Effectiveness of Reading Folk Literature in Improving English Language Learners’ Reading Proficiency in Elementary Grades 

    Erdogan, Nabat (University of Missouri -- Kansas City, 2018)
    This mixed-methods study investigates the effectiveness of reading folktales, fairy tales, and fables in improving English learners’ reading proficiency levels in elementary grades and explores students’ experiences with ...
  • No Gods, Only Suffering 

    Seim, Chloe (2020)
    This short story collection follows one dysfunctional family’s dissolution across central and eastern Kansas. Set against the simultaneously blooming and sickened landscape of rural and college-town Kansas, the Wells family ...
  • Tiger's Eye & Twine, with Sails in Flame: A Triptych 

    Schultz, Dennison Ty (2020)
    This thesis is a triptych of poetic sequences on queer reckoning—queer as an identity, a community, and a strategy of engaging with the world. Progressing further into interiority as the triptych progresses, the poems first ...
  • Oakaville 

    Shrum, Cody (2020)
    This collection is comprised of short stories and flash fiction, all revolving around the same fictional town of Oakaville, KS, dealing with the themes of home, nostalgia, love, coming of age, family dysfunction, ...
  • Threshold in Blue 

    Beck, Kelsey N. (2020)
    The poems in this manuscript explore the idea of shame as it is imprinted in childhood and as it manifests in adult relationships. In particular, many of these poems address shame as it presents in mental illness, and as ...
  • Pro-Black Prosody 

    North , Glenn A. (2020)
    This thesis speaks to the triumphs and tragedies of the Black experience. It attempts to look at Blackness through the lens of my combined experiences as a spoken word artist, a student in the University of Missouri-Kansas ...
  • The Strangelove Ocean 

    Hook, Tori (2020)
    This collection of poems works through a personal narrative of trauma, weaving its way in and out of discussions about religious identity in the South as well as sexuality, and explores how trauma often infiltrates all ...

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