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    Deformation mapping of fibronectin fibrils using digital image correlation
    Delay based approach to support low priority users in preemptive wireless networks
    Design and validation of a digital core for wireless communication with RFID-enabled devices
    Design and validation of wearable wireless sensors
    Design of a low-power analog circuit for an implantable RFID-enabled device with passive pressure sensor
    Design of a wireless platform for wearable and home automation applications
    Distributed querying of clinical documents modeled as HL7 version 3 standard
    Distributed RDF query processing and reasoning for big data / linked data
    A dual mode pulsed electro-magnetic cell stimulator
    Dynamic Virtual Network Restoration with Optimal Standby Virtual Router Selection
    Effect of an oral health education program for caregivers delivering oral hygiene care to residents in a long-term care facility
    Energy and Data Conversion Circuits for Low Power Sensory Systems
    An Energy Efficient Addressing Scheme For a Static Wireless Sensor Network
    Energy efficient multi-target tracking in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
    Event driven querying of semantic sensor web services
    Evidence based medical query system on large scale data
    Experimental evaluation of intravascular flow meter and miniature RFID antennas using MEMS pressure sensors and flexible PCD techniques
    Exploiting the ability of Self Organizing Networks for inter-cell interference coordination for emergency communications in cellular networks
    Financial Aspects of Stand-alone Solar Power Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Functional Sorting of Evolutionary Effects in Protein Domains