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    3D Hand Pose Estimation Via a Lightweight Deep Learning Model
    Achieving Optimal Schedule by Network Flow Techniques
    Active Mobile Interface for smart health
    Adaptive Routing Using SDN and NFV
    Adaptive thermal comfort computation with Zigbee wireless sensor networks
    Addressing On-Chip Power Conversion and Dissipation Issues in Many-Core System-on-a-Chip based on Conventional Silicon and Emerging Nanotechnologies
    Advanced Design and Analysis of UWB U-slot Microstrip Patch Using Theory of Characteristic Modes
    Advanced Light Field Frame Prediction For Optimized Compression
    Algorithms on Majority Problem
    Analyzing Bit Error Rate using Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) Software Defined Radio in Indoor and Outdoor Environments
    Anonymous Multicast Communication for Wireless Networks Using Layered Encryption and Hashing
    Application of Wrapper Methods to Non-Invasive Brain-State Detection: An Opto-Electric Approach
    Application-Aware Network Design Using Software Defined Networking for Application Performance Optimization for Big Data and Video Streaming
    Assessment Of Overcurrent Relay Coordination In A Microgrid With High PV Penetration Deployment
    Automated Prediction of Hepatic Arterial Stenosis
    Automatic GUI Based Counting Software for Immunostaining Analysis Using Matlab GUIDE
    Baseline cortical activation to food pictures associated with change in weight, hunger, cognitive restraint, and disinhibition following bariatric surgery
    Beamsteering and nullsteering in interference aware wireless networks with point to point beamforming
    Building a Knowledge Graph for Food, Energy, and Water Systems