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    Comparison of Standardized Test Scores from Traditional Classrooms and those using Problem-Based Learning [1]
    Disciplinary Differences Between Faculty in Library Use and Perceptions [1]
    El Centro, Inc.: An Historical Research Study [1]
    Evaluating the impact of PerformanceStat: a case study of the City of Baltimore's CitiStat Program [1]
    Evaluating the quality and efficacy of care provided by extended care permit dental hygienists in a school based dental home [1]
    The governance-performance relationship: examining the impact of nonprofit governance on financial performance in medium-sized nonprofit organizations [1]
    The impact of economic development incentives on public education in Missouri [1]
    Maintaining the Segregated City?: Exploring the College Planning Experiences of Kansas City’s Urban Students of Color and the Implications on Their Access to Higher Education [1]
    A medicare benefit expansion: inpatient clinical and economic outcomes in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's Disease [1]
    Performance-Based Fundraiser Compensation: An Analysis of Preference, Prevalence and Effect [1]
    Promoting ethical behavior among local government employees: the roles of ethical leadership, ethics codes, training, and audits [1]
    Public-private partnerships: an evaluation of propositions for successful community coalitions [1]
    Racial residential segregation in the Kansas City area: a comparative study between Blacks and Hispanics [1]
    Social power in public-private partnerships: shifting sands make an unstable foundation [1]
    A Spatial Theory of School Closure: An Examination of School Closure in America [1]
    The Impact of Student’s Home Language on Performance and Participation in International Baccalaureate Coursework [1]
    Three Essays In Mobilization Theory [1]
    Understanding the partners in policymaking program and the impact of participation on parents of children with developmental disabilities [1]
    You mean I can get paid to work here? The impact of happenstance, socialization, volunteering, and service-learning on nonprofit career awareness [1]