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  • Rex Whitton, U.S. highway boss 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1961)
    "After forty years with the same employer, Rex. M. WHitton has changed jobs for the first time since his graduation from the University. Last month he left his work as chief engineer of the Missouri State Highway Commission ...
  • The sinking of the Navy 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1961)
    "Here are some accounts for you to savor; they , better than we, can tell the story of the big one in Miami's Orange Bowl, played before 71,218 fans on a sweltering (75 degrees) January 2."--Page 10
  • Big doings for alumni in Miami 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1961)
    "Alumni activities in connection with the Orange Bowl were as successful as the game itself. By actual count more than 1500 alumni, their families, firends and fans went through the alumni mill at the Alumni Headquarters ...
  • 'Marching Mizzou' also scores victory 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1961)
    "'Marching Mizzou' did well at the Orange Bowl, too. While the Tigers were making friends of everyone there (except Navy) the 168 members of the University Marching Band were winning the hearts of Floridians and visitors ...
  • Bookin' it : 1994 releases by alumni and faculty 

    Kelty, Jim (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1995)
    "History, suspense, adventure, romance, cartoons, recipes and flowers ... this year's assortment of books by alumni and faculty covers all the bases."--Table of contents for issue.
  • Good chemistry 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1995)
    "A straight-talking scientist, Dr. Jerry Atwood, a native of Willard, Mo., explains why basic research is important to Missouri, the nation and the world."--Table of contents for issue.
  • Personal space 

    O'Connor, Nancy (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1995)
    "Check out how today's students are making their living quarters more like home."--Table of contents for issue.
  • Rolling through town 

    France, Sue (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1995)
    "The Rolling Stones satisfied a packed Farout Field on their voodoo lounge tour stop in college town USA."--Table of contents for issue.
  • A look back and a look forward 

    Barnes, Shawn (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1995)
    "The basketball Tigers thrilled their fans with sterling performances last year. Can they do it again?"--Table of contents for issue.
  • Amendment 7 : what does it mean? 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1995)
    "Students and alumni shed some light on a heated statewide issue with important ramifications for MU."--Page 10
  • Director named for nuclear research reactor 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "The University's projected nuclear research reactor, made possible by a $1,250,000 state appropriation, will be directed by Dr. Ardath H. Emmons, nuclear scientist at the University of Michigan."--Page 5
  • He buys rare books, then gives them away 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "C. Howard Hill of Jacksonville, Fla. is the kind of a friend the 'Friends of the University of Missouri Library' is looking for. His hobby is finding and purchasing rare old books at ridiculously low prices. Then, if ...
  • Is college compatible with marriage? 

    Mead, Margaret (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "All over the United States, undergraduate marriages are increasing, not only in the municipal colleges and technical schools, which take for granted a workaday world in which learning is mostly training to make a living, ...
  • College marriages : their difficulties and problems 

    Sheldon, Mary (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "College marriages are a relatively recent phenomena. Prior to the end of World War II marriage and college were considered completely incompatible."--Page 11
  • The University's new computer center 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "High-speed electronic computing facilities became available to the entire University staff with installation of the Burroughs 205 electronic digital computer system."--Page 12
  • B and PA school's fine new home 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "Now comfortably settled in its modern new quarters, the University's School of Business and Public Administration has written a bright chapter to a rags to riches story that has dragged on for perilous decades."--Page 3
  • The support of higher education in Missouri 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "Following are excerpts from an address by Dr. Elmer Ellis, President of the University of Missouri."--Page 6
  • Missouri band shows winning ways 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "The University of Missouri band, allotted five minutes for its performance between halves of the Orange Bowl game, made every second count."--Page 9
  • Dr. Vernon E. Wilson new dean of medical school 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "Missouri's new Dean of the School of Medicine, who passed his forty-fifth birthday last month, is a wiry man of above average height whose close-cropped hair is as white as the jacket he wears on the job."--Page 2
  • A ton of base hits but no runs 

    (University of Missouri. Alumni Association, 1960)
    "At the appointed hour Missouri's underdog Tigers appeared in Miami's Orange Bowl on New Year's Day, in uniform and ready to play Georgia's Bulldogs."--Page 10

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