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  • Prenatal growth of the human spinal cord 

    Miller, Max Mayo (1912)
    Text is the complete Introduction section of this thesis: In human embryology the changes in form and the histological differentiation in the cellular elements of the spinal cord have been studied very carefully. But as ...
  • Vocational education for Missouri 

    Melcher, Benjamin Franklin (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Text taken from the Introduction section of this thesis: The problem of vocational education is of sufficient importance to render unnecessary an explanation or apology for offering this dissertation on the subject. It is ...
  • The relation of the size of seed to the character of plant produced 

    Megee, Clive Raymond (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Text taken from pages 1 and 2 of this thesis: During the past fifty years a number of investigators have reported results on the relative value of heavy and light or large and small seed grain. Each investigator has devised ...
  • Some observations on the life history of Strophitus edentulus 

    Martin, Earl Albert (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Text is the Introduction to this thesis: Strophitus edentulus is a fresh water mussel which has been said to go through its metamorphosis both as a parasite on fish (Howard 1914) and without parasitism (Lefevre and Curtis ...
  • The spermatogenesis of Sceloporus undulatus 

    MacMorland, Edward Elliott (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Text taken from page 8 of the Introduction section of this thesis: The present research was undertaken in the spring of 1913 at the suggestion of Dr. George Lefevre and is an attempt at tracing the behavior of the chromosomes ...
  • On the relative growth of the organs and parts of the embryonic and young dogfish (Mustelis canis) 

    Kearney, Harold Leslie (University of Missouri, 1913)
    Text from Introduction section of this thesis: In general, but little attention has been paid to the relative growth of the various organs in fishes. Some scattering observations are included. in the work of Welcker and ...
  • A plan for the reorganization of rural school administration in Missouri 

    Jones, Abner (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Text from the Introduction section of this thesis: An increasing nrunber of students of social conditions are coming to regard the country school as one of the most pressing problems of our national life. In building, ...
  • Age as a factor in animal breeding 

    Jones, John McKinley (University of Missouri, 1912)
    Text from the Introduction section of this thesis: Animal breeding to-day offers opportunities for scientific study and research. We find two classes of men engaged in the breeding of domestic animals: First: The practical ...
  • Transcendentalism of curves and of numbers 

    Hughes, Jewell Constance (University of Missouri, 1916)
  • The Star Chamber under the early Tudors 

    Kelley, Edwin Terrence (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Text taken from Chapter 1 of this thesis: The Court of Star Chamber is no exception to the rule that most of the interesting and important developments of the English Constitution have evolved from the one great institution, ...
  • The effect of calcium carbonate of certain soil constituents and on plant growth 

    Hudelson, Robert R. (University of Missouri, 1915)
    This thesis examines the use of calcium bicarbonate (lime) as soil augmentation. It covers the physical, physiological, bacteriological, and chemical effects of lime in soils, and also the historical use of lime and its ...
  • The art of gardening in America : a discussion of American gardens past and present and the factors which influence their character 

    Hoberecht, Lena Lee (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Text from page 1: The art of gardening in America is largely the result of proper adaptation of distinctive styles originating in other countries which afford individually, the great variety of climate soil and contour ...
  • An ecological study of the insects of Crater Creek, Colorado 

    Hisaw, Frederick Lee (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Text from page 2: The observations and collections described in this paper were made during the summers of 1914 and 1915, while at the Mountain Biological Laboratory of the University of Colorado, at Tolland, Colorado, and ...
  • First year mathematics courses 

    Heinz, Albert (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Abstract taken from title page: "A critical study of the purpose, form, content and organization of first year mathematics work at the University of Missouri and elsewhere, with a view to finding the courses in mathematics ...
  • The diplomacy of the congress of Berlin 

    Hedges, James Blaine (University of Missouri, 1916)
    First paragraph of the Conclusion section of this thesis: A study of the diplomacy of the Congress of Berlin, necessarily, calls for a brief review of tha work of the Congress and some notice of its more important features. ...
  • Methods of marketing Missouri apples 

    Hays, Maurice Eugene (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Abstract taken from the Introduction section of this thesis: Missouri is the leading state in number of apple trees, yet it ranks fourth in yield and in total value. In comparison with other states, Missouri is twenty-eighth ...
  • To study the effect of pregnancy and of nursing on the maintenance requirement of mares 

    Harrison, Erbie Lee (University of Missouri, 1916)
    Abstract taken from three paragraphs of the Introduction to this thesis: A clear understanding of the main principles underlying the nutrition of farm animals has never been more important to the stock farmer than at the ...
  • Women in the laundry industry in Columbia 

    Griffith, Mabel Hoffmeister (University of Missouri, 1915-05)
    Abstract taken from page 1 of this thesis: In making this survey of the women in the laundry industry in Columbia, I have attempted to cover, as far as is possible, every condition and fact connected with their home and ...
  • Investigations on complement fixation in hog cholera 

    Durant, Adrian Jackson (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Abstract taken from first paragraph of the Introduction section of this thesis: At the present time no biologic test for the diagnosis of hog cholera exists by means of which the presence of the disease in a herd can be ...
  • Some biological and chemical effects of sulfur upon plant growth and upon the soil 

    Duley, Frank Leslie (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Abstract taken from the concluding paragraph of the Introduction to this thesis: ...the discovery of the fertilizing value of sulfur by accident in the application of sulfur to plants as a fungicide, has led several ...

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