Items in this collection represent public presentations made by Department of Chemical Engineering faculty, staff, and students, either alone or as co-authors, and which may or may not have been published in an alternate format. Items may contain more than one file type.

Recent Submissions

  • Biochar Preparation for Soil Enhancement 

    Marrero, T. R. (Thomas Raphael), 1936-; Wulff, H. J. (2013)
    Slides from the presentation delivered by T. R. Marrero and H. J. Wulff at the MSPE Central Chapter Meeting, 44 Stone Public House, 3910 Peachtree Drive, Suite H, Columbia, MO. Over the last few years a brick plant in ...
  • Hydrogen Generation via Novel Supercritical Water Reformation Technology 

    Lee, Sunggyu; Wenzel, Jonathan E., 1975-; Picou, Jason W.; Stever, Michael; Putta, Satya; Bouquet, Jared; Henthorn, Kimberly; Ludlow, Douglas; Retzloff, David G.; Lanterman, Bryan (2009-04)
    A novel, robust, fuel reformation technology has been developed for portable, mobile, stationary, and on-site generation of hydrogen from a variety of feedstocks involving both renewable and nonrenewable resources. Unlike ...
  • Is sustainable energy development possible?: It's not easy being green 

    Marrero, T. R. (Thomas Raphael), 1936- (2008-07)
    This presentation addresses aspects of sustainable energy development and ecological engineering, focusing on "green chemistry" or using engineering processes and products holistically.