Who may submit content?

  • We accept submissions from those affiliated with:
    • University of Missouri--Columbia
    • University of Missouri--Kansas City
    • University of Missouri System
  • Co-authors need not be affiliated with the University of Missouri.

How to submit files

  • University of Missouri--Columbia (MU) and UM System - submit using one of these options:

  • University of Missouri--Kansas City (UMKC)

File types

  • Most electronic formats can be placed in MOspace. PDF is the preferred format for text documents. For some file formats, such as proprietary or executable files, preservation beyond simple bit-level integrity cannot be guaranteed.

Previously published content

  • Publishers may restrict your ability to include previously published content in an open access repository. Contact us for help in determining the guidelines for specific journals and publishers.

Contact us

  • Contact us if you have questions about submitting content, preferred file formats, and publisher restrictions on previously published material.