The University of Missouri Press was founded in 1958. It publishes books on a variety of topics including American and world history, African American studies, women's studies, political science, literary criticism, regional studies, and creative nonfiction. Selected out-of-print titles have been digitized and are available in the MU Libraries digital repositories. For additional online titles, see the MOspace Digital Library.

Recent Submissions

  • Petrarch's metamorphoses: text and subtext in the Rime sparse 

    Sturm-Maddox, Sara (University of Missouri Press, 1985)
    Full text available in the MOspace Digital Library:
  • Mizzou Today 

    Hill, Rob, 1954-; Wallace, Richard L., 1936-; Worley, Karen Flandermeyer (University of Missouri Press, 2007)
    "Picture the adrenalin-pumping excitement of hoop action on Norm Stewart Court. Now envision the tranquillity of a late summer day, with a half moon rising in a blue sky over the Columns. These photos tell the same story: ...

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