The University of Missouri Press was founded in 1958. It publishes books on a variety of topics including American and world history, African American studies, women's studies, political science, literary criticism, regional studies, and creative nonfiction. Selected out-of-print titles have been digitized and are available in the MU Libraries digital repositories. For additional online titles, see the MOspace Digital Library.

Recent Submissions

  • Petrarch's metamorphoses: text and subtext in the Rime sparse 

    Sturm-Maddox, Sara (University of Missouri Press, 1985)
    Full text available in the MOspace Digital Library:
  • Mizzou Today 

    Hill, Rob, 1954-; Wallace, Richard L., 1936-; Worley, Karen Flandermeyer (University of Missouri Press, 2007)
    "Picture the adrenalin-pumping excitement of hoop action on Norm Stewart Court. Now envision the tranquillity of a late summer day, with a half moon rising in a blue sky over the Columns. These photos tell the same story: ...
  • The art of Frank Norris, storyteller 

    Hochman, Barbara (University of Missouri Press, 1988)
    Over the past twenty years, critics have increasingly challenged the conventional wisdom on Frank Norris as an exponent of literary naturalism. In the present study, Barbara Hochman goes still further in redefining his ...
  • These modern nights 

    Lyons, Richard (University of Missouri Press, 1988)
  • Girl on a white porch 

    Schoenberger, Nancy (University of Missouri Press, 1987)
    Girl on a White Porch was chosen from over four hundred entries as the best new poetry manuscript of the year. These poems, by a writer whose roots are in Louisiana, evoke a strong sense of nostalgia for the Deep South, ...
  • Plums, stones, kisses, and hooks 

    Wallace, Ronald (University of Missouri Press, 1981)
  • Michelson in the desert 

    Alderson, Tom (University of Missouri Press, 1987)
  • Testimony 

    Matthew, Jean R. (University of Missouri Press, 1987)
    The down-and-out, the less fortunate and less gifted among us, those barely scraping by from day to day-these are the people who populate the seven stories in Jean R. Matthew's first collection of fiction. Yet Matthew's ...
  • Querencia 

    Langton, Daniel J. (University of Missouri Press, 1976)
  • The pioneer editor in Missouri, 1808-1860 

    Lyon, William Henry (University of Missouri Press, 1965)
    Believing that newspapers were essential to democratic government and committed to the ideal of freedom of the press, the pioneer editor played an important role in the West.
  • Metaphysical tales 

    Garber, Eugene K. (University of Missouri Press, 1981)
  • Fire drills 

    Greenberg, Barabara (University of Missouri Press, 1982)
  • John Cam Hobhouse : a political life, 1819-1852 

    Zegger, Robert E. (University of Missouri Press, 1973)
    Zegger chronicles the political life of the 19th century British radical politician.
  • John Donne : an annotated bibliography of modern criticism, 1968-1978 

    Roberts, John Richard (University of Missouri Press, 1982)
    This study is the first to collect and fully annotate the vast amount of criticism and scholarship written on Donne during the period 1968-1978.-- Page 1.
  • Nature, community, & will : a study in literary and social thought 

    West, Thomas R. (University of Missouri Press, 1976)
    In three essays, West explores the morality of asceticism, discipline, and dignity within the works of eight social theorists. He attempts to discover a feeling of pride over human affairs that differs from the pride which ...
  • F. R. Leavis : judgement and the discipline of thought 

    Boyers, Robert (University of Missouri Press, 1978)
  • Spanish Christian Cabala : the works of Luis de León, Santa Teresa de Jesús, and San Juan de la Cruz 

    Swietlicki, Catherine (University of Missouri Press, 1986)
    Swietlicki explores the works of three major writers of the Spanish Renaissance, and their relationship with the Jewish mystical tradition known as Cabala within the Christian tradition in sixteenth century Spain.
  • The History of the world as pictures 

    Sullivan, Nancy (University of Missouri Press, 1965)
  • Cold War and Black liberation : the United States and white rule in Africa, 1948-1968 

    Noer, Thomas J. (University of Missouri Press, 1985)
    For too long Africa has been the dark continent in the history of American foreign relations. Recent debate over the importance of human rights, however, has focused attention on that continent. Thomas Noer's study of ...
  • The pattern of judgement in the Queste and Cleanness 

    Morse, Charlotte (University of Missouri Press, 1978)
    Morse examines the symbolism of the vessel as a representation of man in both the French prose romance La Queste del Sant Graal and English poem Cleanness.

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