EHS provides services to the MU campus community through biological safety, environmental management, industrial hygiene/occupational safety, radiation safety, and training and administrative support.

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  • Environmental Health and Safety Notes, 2013 Spring 

    University of Missouri-Columbia. Environmental Health And Safety (University of Missouri, Environmental Health and Safety, 2013)
    Newsletter of the department of Environmental Health and Safety on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. Article subjects include laboratory closeout, Like us on Facebook, hello and goodbye to staff members, staying ...
  • Minimization and Management of Wastes from Biomedical Research 

    Rau, Edward H.; Alaimo, Robert J., 1940-; Ashbrook, Peter C.; Austin, Sean M.; Borenstein, Noah; Evans, Michele Rose; French, Helen M.; Gilpin, Richard W.; Hughes, Joseph, Jr.; Hummel, Sherilynn J.; Jacobsohn, Alice P.; Lee, Charlyn Y.; Merkle, Scott; Radzinski, Tad; Sloane, Richard; Wagner, Kathryn D.; Weaner, Larry E. (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2000-12)
    Several committees were established by the National Association of Physicians for the Environment (NAPE) to investigate and report on various topics at the National Leadership Conference on Biomedical Research and the ...

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