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    3q26 Amplification is Rarely Present in Women Whose LSIL Cytology does not Represent CIN 2+ Disease
    50 Gallons per Mile? What is the Water Footprint of Biofuels? [abstract]
    Academic and Commercial Nanomedicine
    Acid-sensing ion channels as a novel target for drug addiction [abstract]
    Addressing the Concerns of Grid Integration of Large Wind Farms [abstract]
    Advanced Biomimetic Materials for Reversible CO2 Capture from Air [abstract]
    Advancement of TRISO Nuclear Fuel Coaters for High Temperature Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactors: Environmentally Benign and Risk Free Proliferation 4th Generation Nuclear Energy [abstract]
    Aggregation Prediction in Therapeutic Protein Formulations for Excipient Design
    Agriculture to energy: identifying sustainable energy solutions for developing nations [abstract]
    Albuterol metered dose inhaler performance under hyperbaric pressures
    Algae Photobioreactor Design Considerations for Commercial Scale Production
    Alliance for Collaborative Research in Alternative Fuel Technology (ALL-CRAFT)
    Amphetamine Alters Acid-Sensing Ion Channel Expression in the Rat Striatum
    Amphetamine Alters Group I mGluR Expression in the Rat Striatum and Medial Prefrontal Cortex
    Analogy Based Modeling for Natural Convection [abstract]
    Animal to Human Health Collaborations: The Path Forward
    The Antigen Display on Bacillus Endospore (ADOBE) System a Noninvasive Biodegradable Microparticle Display System
    Antitumor withanolides from Withania somnifera [abstract]
    Applications of Energetic Materials and Copper Oxide Nanorods for Decontamination [abstract]
    Are There Leaks in Your Product Pipeline?