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    Impact of Clopidogrel Pretreatment on Ischemic Complications of PCI among Bivalirudin-Treated Patients: Results from the EVENT Registry
    In silico Compound Screening for Drug Discovery in the “Cloud”
    Informatics expertise to support life and health sciences research and industry
    INFORMER and Potassium Values: A system to enhance detection, notification, and action upon a threat to patient safety in the emergency department [abstract]
    INFORMER: A System for Immediate and Direct Notification of Critical Data for Patient Care [abstract]
    Inhibition Mechanism of EFdA, a Highly Potent Inhibitor of HIV Reverse Transcriptase [abstract]
    Innovation, Inspiration, and Insulation: Practical Legal Measures to Protect Technology
    The Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation: stepping into the future of drug discovery, delivery and biomedical engineering
    Integrating academic research, clinical research and private practice: a unique opportunity for translational medicine
    An Intelligent Online System for Enhanced Recruitment of Patients for Clinical Research
    Interactive mapping: overlaying local and national data
    Interdisciplinary Approach to Examine the Effects of Lifestyle Modifications on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
    Investigation and Optimization of Silorane-Based Polymer System [abstract]
    Isolation of modulators of Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptides (OATPs) from Rollinia emarginata Schlecht (Annonaceae)
    Isotopes for Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
    Jump Starting and Moving New Technologies to Marketplace
    KU Center for Technology Commercialization: "promoting innovation to benefit society"
    Leveraging Particle Size and Structure to Control Release of Pharmaceuticals for Human and Animal Health [abstract]
    Life Sciences Patent Prosecution Pitfalls
    Make It Your Own Clinical Trials Posters: A Regional Collaboration with the National Cancer Institute