Veterinary Medical Review - volume 36, November 1970-

Previously called:
  • Faculty newsletter - number 9-35, March 1968-October 1970
  • Faculty news - number 1-8, March 1967-February 1968
Publisher: University of Missouri--Columbia, School of Veterinary Medicine
Date of publication: Began with volume 36, November, 1970
Description: The Veterinary Medical Review was the official chronicle of College and alumni activities and was sent to all MU veterinary medical alumni, former faculty, current students, parents of students, friends of the College and all veterinarians practicing in Missouri. The Veterinary Medical Review highlights the mission and accomplishments of the college to a professional audience and is situated in the College of Veterinary Medicine.
Continues: Faculty newsletter (no. 9-35; March 1968-Oct. 1970) and Faculty news (no. 1-8; March 1967-Feb. 1968)
Issued by: the College of Veterinary Medicine,1974-Jan. 1976; by the College of Veterinary Medicine and UMC Extension Division, Mar. 1976-1977; the College of Veterinary Medicine and Cooperative Extension Service, 1978-1997; by the College of Veterinary Medicine, 1999-
Issues for Mar./Apr. 1980- include: Missouri veterinarian.

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