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    The African American Read-In : Building campus-community partnerships
    Anforderungen an Musik-Discovery-Systeme: Handreichungen zur Optimierung von Benutzeroberflächen
    Are we good digital stewards? : a proposal to create and implement digital preservation policies, practices, metrics, and educational outreach for the University of Missouri system
    Cataloguing Cheat Sheets http://
    Developing In-House Digital Tools: Case Studies From the UMKC School of Law Library
    Final report: recommendations of the UMKC University Libraries' Organizational Development Task Force
    Forum Musikbibliothek; 34, no. 2
    Music Discovery Requirements: A Guide to Optimizing Interfaces
    Music Discovery Requirements: A Guide to Optimizing Resources
    Notes;69, no. 3
    Picture the Music: Performing Arts Library Planning with Photo Elicitation
    Recommendations of the UMKC University Libraries’ Organizational Development Task Force
    A review of "Collection-Level Cataloging: Bound-With Books"
    A review of "Conversations with Catalogers in the 21st Century"
    A review of "Crash Course in Cataloging for Non-Catalogers: a Casual Conversation on Organizing Information"
    A review of "Organizing Information from the Shelf to the Web"
    A review of "Shelflisting Music: Guidelines for Use with the Library of Congress Classification: M" and "A Manual for the Performance Library"
    Review of ANCESTRY.COM
    Review of Berry Fruit: Value-Added Products for Health Promotion