The School of Music offers a full range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music, including performance (brass, percussion, piano, strings, voice, and woodwinds), composition, music education, music theory, and music history at the undergraduate level, and all of those areas plus conducting, collaborative piano, and piano pedagogy at the master’s level. We are also the only Missouri institution to offer the Ph.D. in music education. Our extensive ensemble offerings are complemented by a highly individualized approach to student success, centered on the studio lesson in most areas of study. Non-music majors, we are here for you too. We offer the minor in music and, starting this year, a specialized jazz minor, and of course hundreds of non-majors participate in our ensembles—everything from Marching Mizzou to chamber groups—and music courses.

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  • Stravinsky's English text setting in works of 1951-1953 

    Brusova, Yulia. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    As a Russian-born composer who later held citizenship in France and the United States, Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) achieved a remarkable command of the languages of his new surroundings, but his setting of non-Russian texts ...
  • Copland in pursuit of Neoclassicism : a speculative discourse on his "leftist" politics, his interpretation of Mahler, and their confrontation at the third symphony 

    Rothbarth, Adam L. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    Aaron Copland's Symphony No. 3 (1946) is widely agreed to be not only one of the composer's finest accomplishments, but also one of the greatest American achievements in the genre. From his roots as a modernist composer ...
  • Uneven portraits 

    Martinez Rubiano, Jose Guillermo (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    Any portrait is always a personal representation of reality. These five pieces for saxophone quartet are a sonic personal reinterpretation of different influences, impressions, and reflections in my musical atmosphere. ...
  • Shostakovich in the United States of America: timelines, commentaries, and photographs for his three visits 

    Fiasco, Emily (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    During the Cold War Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975), the emblematic Soviet composer of the twentieth century, made three visits to his country's avowed enemy, the United States. By collecting information on these American ...
  • Songs from the Golden Gate 

    Strobel, Robert (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
    This musical score, presented as a thesis, uses selections from the book of poetry, Songs From the Golden Gate, by Ina Coolbrith, for a 4-movement, 20-25 minute cantata consisting of 2 flutes, 2 violins, cello, soprano ...
  • The impact of Richard Wagner on Werner Herzog's film Nosferatu 

    Chen, Jinsong (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    The film Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht [Nosferatu, Phantom of the Night] (1979), known in English-speaking countries as Nosferatu the Vampyre, a retelling of the Dracula legend, demonstrates the artistic affinities of ...
  • Sifting through ashes 

    Strausbaugh, Michael (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    A varied and elaborated form of a simple theme serves as basis for the refrain material in a seven-part rondo. Via additive process, the initial motive is revealed, recognizable yet harmonically distant. While purely melodic ...
  • Painted upon a Grecian urn for wind ensemble 

    Hills, Joe (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    Painted Upon A Grecian Urn is a three-movement suite for modified wind ensemble of about fifteen minutes in length in which each movement represents a different legend from Greek mythology. The movements embody Athena, ...
  • Bela Bartok and the Pro-Musica Society: a chronicle of piano recitals in eleven American cities during his 1927-1928 tour 

    Lucas, Sarah M. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    An important component of Béla Bartók's 1927-28 transcontinental tour of the United States was a series of eleven lecture-recitals sponsored by the Pro-Musica Society—an international organization founded in 1920 as the ...
  • Garden music 

    Witter, David J. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    This piece was written as a thesis for the completion of an M.M. in composition. To write it I conjured several images to help characterize various elements of a garden. The first movement came about as a visualization of ...
  • Post-common practice era music theory pedagogy 

    Morrow, Melissa (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    The purpose of my research is to improve the experience of students who are taking the Twentieth-Century Compositional Techniques course at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and similar courses at other institutions. ...
  • Amy Beach: the Victorian woman, the autism spectrum, and compositional style 

    Laemmli, Amy (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    Celebrated American composer and pianist Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (1867-1944) became the subject of the dedicated interest of a number of scholars during the last decades of the twentieth century, but her idiosyncratic ...
  • Farewell to shadowlands: for wind ensemble 

    Fonda, Grant (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    Original composition, “Farewell to Shadowlands.”
  • Motive and reflection 

    Berg, Stephanie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    Motive and Reflection was originally commissioned by the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation as part of the Sinquefield Prize in composition, which I won in 2009. The resultant work was a one-movement piece for full orchestra. ...
  • The legend of the dried persimmon for symphony orchestra and computer generated sounds 

    Chang, Kyoungsuk (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    The composition is based on a Korean folk tale. The dried persimmon legend's original name is 'The Tiger and the Dried Persimmon'. The composition consists of two movements, each in a different mood. The two movements have ...
  • Corps of Discovery: a musical journey : excerpts from Acts 1, 2 and 3 

    Show-Me Opera (University of Missouri-Columbia, 2003-01)
    These recordings are excerpts from Corps of Discovery: A Musical Journey, a three-act opera by Michael Ching and Hugh Moffatt, which commemorates the expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and celebrates the ...
  • The Raven: an opera in one act 

    Krause, Anna C., 1987- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    In a dim room, with only a weak fire keeping out the cold December wind, a poor student sits alone, slowly, painfully working himself into a frenzy of grief over the loss of his young wife, Lenore. This is the image in my ...
  • Concerto for four horns and wind ensemble 

    Griggs, Laura (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    While a reasonable amount of concert literature exists for French Horn Quartet, the standard repertoire is notably lacking literature that allows the ensemble to express itself within its most common, modern venue: the ...
  • The little match girl 

    Blanton, K. Alexander (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    A tone poem composed for orchestra based upon Hans Christian Andersen's short story of the same title.
  • Three songs for unaccompanied choir 

    Woodward, Mark E., 1982- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    Using Maurice Ravel's Trois Chansons as a point of departure, this composition explores the possibilities of motivic, harmonic, and rhythmic development from a shared opening phrase. As a result of this free exploration, ...

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