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    Abundance of black-backed woodpeckers and other birds in relation to disturbance and forest structure in the Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains of South Dakota and Wyoming [1]
    Amphibians as wetland restoration indicators on Wetlands Reserve Program sites in Lower Grand River basin, Missouri [1]
    Assemblage structure and shallow-water habitat use by small-bodied fishes at lower Missouri River sandbars [1]
    Assessing the vulnerability of stream communities and the consistency and use of biotic indices in least-disturbed streams [1]
    An assessment of stream fish vulnerability and an evaluation of conservation networks in Missouri [1]
    Avian nest survival and breeding density in cottonwood plantations and native forest fragments in southeast Missouri [1]
    Avian population responses to Anthropogenic landscape changes in Pohnpei, Federated Sates of Micronesia [1]
    Bat occupancy of forests and managed savanna and woodland in the Missouri Ozark Region [1]
    Breeding bird response to pine- savanna and woodland restoration in the Ozark-Ouachita interior highlands [1]
    Broad-scale resource selection and food habits of a recently reintroduced elk population in Missouri [1]
    Butterfly gardening: using volunteers to provide data on flower use [1]
    Captive management, stress, and reproduction in the Guam kingfisher [1]
    Carnivore ecology and conservation : implications for tiger conservation and management in Nepal / [1]
    Conservation biogeography of lotic fishes in the Missouri and Colorado River basins [1]
    Conservation of Sooty Terns on Wake Atoll complex [1]
    Data from: A multistate mark-recapture approach to estimating survival of PIT-tagged salamanders following timber harvest [1]
    Data from: The Distribution of a Stream-breeding Salamander, Desmognathus ocoee, in Terrestrial Habitat Suggests the Ecological Importance of Low-order Streams [1]
    Decision-making and demography of greater white-fronted geese [1]
    Demographic, behavioral and physiological responses of wildlife to reintroduction [1]
    The demography of Atlantic brant (Branta bernicla hrota) [1]