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    Knee contact force prediction during a step-up task using a subject specific musculoskeletal model with anatomical knee [1]
    Logistic modeling of a biomass utilization system [1]
    Manure management using precision agriculture [1]
    Methods of imaging articular cartilage under shear [1]
    Microfluidic capture of rare cells via non-cylindrical microposts in an array [1]
    Microrna detection by surface plasmon resonance [1]
    Modeling and optimization of the Mannheimia haemolytica vaccine production process [1]
    A modeling approach to ultrasound evaluation of material properties [1]
    Modeling of delayed fluorescence from photosystem II and applications in assessment of drought and chemical stresses [1]
    Modeling of phototransduction in vision systems [1]
    Modeling the impact of polystyrene microparticles on toxicity of phenol to Artemia [1]
    Modeling the influence of climate and management practices on water quality in Goodwater Creek experimental watershed [1]
    Molecularly imprinted polymer labeled with quantum dots for detection of nitroaromatic explosives [1]
    Multi-frequency electrical impedance method for detection of viable micro-organisms, their quantification and their characterization [1]
    Multi-scale self-assembly of nanoenergetic materials utilizing functionalized graphene [1]
    Nano- and micro-scale studies of exocytosis [1]
    Nanocellulose extraction and surface modification toward active packaging applications [1]
    Nanoparticle mediated ablation of breast cancer cells using a nanosecond pulsed electric field [1]
    Natural and synthetic materials for the regeneration of osseous tissue [1]
    A novel PCR based DNA microanalyzer system for detection of viral genome [1]