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    The adsorption of fission products on VHTR structural materials
    Adsorption of water vapor by selected containment aerosols: chlorides and cement dust
    Automated quantification of rubidium-82 myocardial perfusion images using wavelet based approach
    Benchmark criticality calculations for one speed neutron transport
    Chemical sensor using single crystal diamond plates interrogated with charge-based deep-level transient spectroscopy based on the Quantum Fingerprint™ model: instrumentation and methodology
    Comparison and development of hurricane electrical power system damage models
    Construction of a test chamber for ultra-low gas concentrations and its use for tesing novel aluminum nitride sensors by Q-DLTS
    Deposition of aerosols in cylindrical tubes and in human lung airways
    Development and evaluation of a novel germanium-68/gallium-68 generator
    Development of MURR flux trap model for simulation and prediction of sample loading reactivity worth and isotope production
    Direct simulation Monte Carlo exploration of charge effects on aerosol evolution
    Direct simulation Monte Carlo study of phonon heat conduction in solid nuclear fuels
    Discrete NaI(TI) crystal detector optimization for small animal SPECT molecular imaging
    The dissolution rate of unirratiated UO₂ under repository conditions: the influence of fuel and water chemistry, dissolved oxygen, and temperature
    DSMC multicomponent aerosol dynamics: sampling algorithms and aerosol processes
    An exploration of chemical agents detection using the quantum fingerprint [superscript TM] technology
    Fuel depletion analyses at the Missouri University Research Reactor
    Generation of graphite particles by abrasion and their characterization
    Generation of graphite particles by rotational/spinning abrasion and their characterization
    Generation, collection and characterization of nanoparticles and their diffusion in arbitrary tumor and normal tissue geometry