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    Acclimation of Holstein cattle to 84 degrees F (29 degrees C) temperature : changes in heat producing and heat dissipating functions
    The activities of rural young people in Missouri : a survey of 2,297 young people attending high school
    Adaptations and limitations of ring test for bovine brucellosis
    Additional illustrations of the influence of food supply on the velocity constant of growth and on the shape of the growth curve
    The adequacy of synthetic rations for the growth of chicks
    Age and temperature effects on TDN, water consumption and balance of dairy calves and heifers exposed to environmental temperatures of 35 degrees to 95 degrees F
    Age changes in size, energy metabolism and cardio-respiratory activities of thyroidectomized cattle
    Age curves of creatinine and urinary nitrogen coefficients in dairy cattle, and their relations to energy metabolism.
    Aggregate production functions for farms in Northern Missouri (1962)
    Agricultural adjustment in Northern Missouri
    Agricultural and community development extension in Missouri from an information macrosystems perspective
    Agricultural loan evaluation with discriminant analysis
    Agronomic characteristics and disease resistance of winter barleys tested in Missouri, 1943 to 1948
    Alpha hydrate and beta anhydride lactose crystals in sandy ice cream
    Alteration of magnesium in tall fescue with soil treatments
    Alteration of the estrous cycle of swine with exogenous pituitary gonadotrophins
    Alternative systems of farming for a medium-size farm in central Missouri
    An alternative to research, develop and deliver : rural development in Missouri as a case in point
    Amino acid composition of swine rations and amino acid requirements of weanling pigs
    Amphidiploids in the seven-chromosome Triticinae