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    Addressing On-Chip Power Conversion and Dissipation Issues in Many-Core System-on-a-Chip based on Conventional Silicon and Emerging Nanotechnologies [1]
    Advanced Design and Analysis of UWB U-slot Microstrip Patch Using Theory of Characteristic Modes [1]
    American Messianic Jewish Identity Development: A Grounded Theory Study [1]
    Application-Aware Network Design Using Software Defined Networking for Application Performance Optimization for Big Data and Video Streaming [1]
    Beliefs about the Impact of Excess Body Weight on Biopsychosocial Functioning in Multiple Sclerosis Patients [1]
    BOOM!!! ...for Real! [1]
    Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Wind Ensemble [1]
    Conformational Behavior and Structural Parameters of Some Cyclic and Chain Molecules [1]
    Design of Instrumentation and Methodologies for Determination of Free Neutron Characteristics [1]
    Distributed Perimeter Firewall Policy Management Framework [1]
    An Ecological Model of Mexican Immigration and Mental Health [1]
    The effect of HIV-1 Tat and methamphetamine on expression of cytokines/chemokines and synaptic genes: Implications in HIV neuroAIDS [1]
    Effects of Adaptive Learning Technologies on Math Achievement: A Quantitative Study of ALEKS Math Software [1]
    The Effects of Hypnosis on Acute Pain Among Adolescents Undergoing Surgical Pectus Excavatum Repair [1]
    Elementary Teacher Perceptions of Math Professional Development on Mathematics Instruction [1]
    Examination of Non-Facial Emotion Recognition in Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa [1]
    First-Principles Calculation of Laser Crystal Multiplet Levels via Hybridized Density Functional Theory and Configuration Interaction within the OLCAO Method [1]
    Framework for Automatic Identification of Paper Watermarks with Chain Codes [1]
    Hybrid Fuzzy-Bayesian Dynamic Decision Support Tool for Resource-Based Scheduling of Construction Projects [1]
    Hyper-Plastic Structural Evolution Of The PEX Domain - A Model Of Evolutionary Exaptation And Neofunctionalization At The Molecular Level [1]