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  • Dedolomitization in the Taum Sauk limestone 

    Frank, James R. (University of Missouri--Columbia., 1979)
    Coarsely crystalline dolomite crystals from an outcrop of the Taum Sauk Limestone in southeast Missouri contain inclusions of calcite and iron oxides. These inclusions occur arranged in two rhombic zones, along cleavage ...
  • "Filter for optimization of stochastic processes"  

    Morshedi, Abdol Majid (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1971)
    A search method for optimization of stochastic systems was proposed by Luecke (1970) in which the effect of noise was reduced by replication of experiments. In this work, a further reduction of the effect of noise is ...
  • The effect of hypnotic suggestion on visual evoked potentials 

    Nolen, Frederick Wallace (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1973)
    Three groups of four females and one male chosen according to different levels of hypnotic susceptibility viewed a flashing light stimulus following an hypnotic induction. All Ss viewed the stimuli passively or following ...
  • ¹⁴C-DDT dynamics in a cold water model food chain 

    Nevins, Michael J. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1978)
    The uptake, elimination, and metabolism of ¹⁴C-DDT in a maple leaf-scud-rainbow trout food chain was investigated using gas chromato­ graphy, liquid scintillation, and thin-layer chromatography-autoradiography. In this ...
  • Chronology of pair formation and breeding biology in the wood duck 

    Scherpelz, Judith A. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1979)
    The annual behavioral cycle of the wood duck (Aix sponsa) has not been thoroughly investigated in the wild. An increase in the numbers of pairs throughout the fall indicates courtship activity may begin soon after completion ...
  • Live animal performance and carcass characteristics of bulls versus steers 

    Landon, Mark E. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1977)
    "Consumers, increasingly, are expressing a preference for beef cuts with a high proportion of lean in relation to fat. The continued increase in consumption of beef of the Choice and Good grades suggests a preference for ...
  • Effect of sulfur dioxide treatment on wheat straw digestibility 

    Thomson, John Ralph (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1978)
  • Model for the thermoregulation of sea lions 

    Natarajan, V. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1974)
  • Implementation of time optimal digital control 

    Young, Lawrence Martin (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1972)
  • Cement dust as an absorbent for so2 removal from stack gases 

    Gorman, Paul G. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1972)
    “The limestone-wet scrubbing process for SO2 removal from stack gases has undergone much study which has resulted in construction of at least three full scale operating plants. The process used in these plants is based on ...
  • Sequential partial adaptation of state transition matrices 

    Desai, Harshad Pranlal (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1971)
    "The problem of process control has several phases to its solution. The first phase involves finding either experimentally or theoretically a dynamic model which represents the process to be controlled. The second phase ...
  • Vacuum degasification of water 

    Wilson, Andrew J. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1979)
    A procedure for design of a water vacuum degasifier is presented for removing oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon from water from‘35 to 90 F. This procedure is based on gas solubilities following Henry’s law and ...
  • Electrodynamic field effects in heterogeneous catalysis : ammonia synthesis 

    Wei, Yu Wen (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1970)
    The synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen was studied on a multi-promoted iron catalyst in a packed bed reactor under the influence of electrodynamic field. Two different experimental conditions were studied. In ...
  • Surface texture produced by peripheral milling with helical end mills 

    Ayer, Fosdick W. (University of Missouri -- Columbia., 1972)
    An investigation of the surface texture produced by peripheral milling with end mills has been made. Theoretical relationships are presented to predict the theoretical cusp height and approximate the arithmetical average ...
  • P-v-t properties of liquid n-octane 

    Benson, Montford Stokley (University of Missouri -- Columbia., 1970)
    "The importance and usefulness of thermodynamics and thermodynamic properties are well accepted facts. Thermodynamics has and will continue to provide a great wealth of necessary information to all phases of chemical ...
  • Direct search for the optimum of a simulated process continuing noise 

    Ram Narayan, M. G. (Munuswamy Govindrajula) (University of Missouri--Columbia., 1971)
    The objective of this work was to study the optimization of a function whose measurement contains error or noise. A search method developed for noise free systems was applied to a noisy function using minimum variance ...
  • Densities of spherical molecules and their mixtures 

    Herring, William A. Jr. (University of Missouri--Columbia., 1972)
  • A re-evaluation of the kernos, with special reference to the kernos in Demeter's rites 

    Ziek, Robin D. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1978)
    The focus of this paper has therefore become the objects excavated throughout the Mediterranean, which have been called "kernoi." An examination of these vessels of various shape and a survey of the finds from excavated ...
  • Roy Wilkins as a journalist 

    McElroy, George A. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1970)
    "This study is primarily concerned with an observation of Wilkins' journalistic image as reflected in his newspaper, magazine and syndicated columns concerning the racial and economic problems of the Negro American. A ...
  • Some effects of two phthalic acid esters on the life cycle of the midge (Chironomus plumosus) 

    Streufert, Jonathan M. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1977)
    "The lack of aquatic toxicity data on PAEs, their possible reproductive impairment of certain aquatic species, and their accumulation by other species indicates a need for further examination of their effects on aquatic ...