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    I consign her wretched walk, her words, deeds, and evil talk: erotic magic and women in the ancient Greco-Roman world
    Imagining and performing The Self in NAZI Germany: Leisure and travel in the correspondence of Hilde Laube and Roland Nordhoff, 1938-39
    Insanity, rhetoric and women : nineteenth-century women's asylum narratives
    The Johnson Treatment: Cold War Food Aid and the Politics of Gratitude
    La France au bord de l’Amérique (France on the edge of America): Saint Pierre and Miquelon in the Twentieth Century
    The Laboring Irish: Developing Community and Industry in Early Kansas City
    The Last Patron of Tintern Abbey: The Family and Piety of Roger Bigod
    Legal empire: international law and culture in U.S.-Latin American relations
    Living in Fear: An Analysis of Writings by Elizabeth Tudor, 1544-1565
    "Loving all People Regardless of Race, Creed, or Color": James L. Delk and the Lost History of Pentecostal Interracialism
    Making the Frontier’s Anatomical Engineers: Osteopathy, A. T. Still (1828–1917), his Acolytes and Patients
    Manifest Manhood on the Santa Fe Trail: Trapping and Trading in the American Southwest, 1821-1847
    Margaret Roper and Mary Basset: The Influence of Christian Humanism on the Education of Thomas More's Daughter and Granddaughter
    A Matter of Faith and Works: Byzantine Leaders and Christian Leadership in the Historia Langobardorum
    Medicine of the Ancient Near East and Egypt Through Artifacts
    More than a river: using nature for reform in the progressive era
    Narrative as a Critical Component for Violent Weaker Actor Success
    O, Beastly Jew!: Allegorical Anti-Judaism in Thirteenth Century English Bestiaries
    Paleoseismology and Archaeoseismology along the Southern Dead Sea Transform in Wadi 'Arabah Near the municipality of Aqaba, Jordan
    The Pen and the Pennon: Political and Social Comment Inscribed within Chivalric Romance