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    1897 Exposition Congolaise, Tervuren: Colonialism and the Belgian Avant-Garde [1]
    3D Hand Pose Estimation Via a Lightweight Deep Learning Model [1]
    3D Printing of Microneedles via Embedded 3D Printing using an Associative Surfactant System [1]
    A Court of Public Opinion: American Sex Work in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era [1]
    A Descriptive Analysis of Fatal and Non-Fatal Shootings in Kansas City, Missouri, from 2015-2020 [1]
    A Family Affected By Autosomal Dominant Non-Syndromic Tooth Agenesis - A Genetic Study [1]
    A History and Assessment of Jonathan Larson's Rent [1]
    A Multimodal Text-To-MIDI Transformer Model with Special Consideration To Artist Usage [1]
    A normal interaction [1]
    A novel approach to embedding memory with crosstalk logic circuits for high performance applications [1]
    A Program Evaluation of the Seniors Who Paint Program [1]
    A Quantitative Analysis of the Role of Antihypertensive Drug Dose on Hypertension in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease [1]
    A single molecule study on the structural basis of ion selective permeation in voltage-gated sodium channels [1]
    A Spatial Analysis of Homicide and Dangerous Buildings in Kansas City, Missouri [1]
    A Study of Detecting Bond Wire Lift-offs and Surface Defect of High Power IGBT Modules Using Acoustics Waves [1]
    A Systematic Review of Huikahi Reentry Circles: A Restorative Justice Process for Families Impacted by Incarceration [1]
    Ab Initio Density Functional Theory Charge Distributions of Vinyltrimethylphosphonium, Vinylphosphorinium, and Vinyldiphosphonium Tetrafluoroborate Salts with Mechanistic Studies of Phospha-Michael Additions to Activated Acetylenes [1]
    Ab Initio Density Functional Theory Optimized Geometries of Vinyl Trialkylammonium, Vinylpyridinium and Vinyldiazonium Tetrafluoroborate Salts with Natural Bond Orbital Charge Distributions in the Gas Phase [1]
    Access to Nature, Access to Health: The Government Free Bathhouse at Hot Springs National Park, 1877 to 1922 [1]
    Acetaminophen Versus Ibuprofen for the Control of Immediate and Delayed Pain Following Orthodontic Separator Placement [1]