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    The application of Jungian archetypes to the analysis of character in three early plays by W. B. Yeats [1]
    Battles of the sexes onstage: explorations of changing Gender roles by four American women playwrights of the 1910s-1930s [1]
    Bloodlines [1]
    The changing face of Joan of Arc: the appropriation of Joan of Arc in twentieth-century American theatre [1]
    Connecting the dots: a history of Stephen Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George [1]
    The Coterie Theatre’s Transition from Children’s Theatre to Multigenerational Theatre: 1991-2014 [1]
    (In)Visible: performances of gay and lesbian dramatic literature on the American stage from 1910 to 1969 [1]
    Jet Propulsion : a play about John Whiteside Parsons [1]
    Joanna Baillie: The Theory in Her Plays on the Passions and an Analysis of Four Dramas Within that Series [1]
    Laurie Brooks: a coterie of plays and concepts [1]
    The legacy behind Literature to Life: a history and narrative of Wynn Handman, The American Place Theatre and Literature to Life [1]
    Living and acting in Kansas City versus Southern California [1]
    Nashville Community Theatre: from the Little Theatre Guild to the Nashville Community Playhouse [1]
    Picasso : theatre artist [1]
    The show-man goes to war: a full-length play [1]
    Staging The Merchant of Venice in the 21ˢᵗ Century: A Dramaturgical Case Study [1]
    StoneLion: A Narrative of a Kansas City Puppet Theatre [1]
    The technical director: the history, the legacy, and a glimpse behind the curtain [1]
    Theatre for Young America: A History [1]
    Theatre of community: healing functions of theatre in society [1]