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    Be Resilient: Examining the Relationship Between Staff Nurse Incivility and Undergraduate Nursing Students' Sense of Belonging to the Nursing Profession [1]
    Carrying their second backpack: understanding the lived experiences of teachers working with trauma-affected students during the Covid-19 pandemic [1]
    CEO narcissism and strategic entrepreneurial behaviors: the moderating role of industry environment [1]
    Challenges and solutions for large-scale integration of emerging technologies [1]
    Cognitive tutoring and assessment systems and mathematics achievement: a quantitative study of the Summit Learning Platform [1]
    Constraining the Major Merging History of Massive Galaxies: A Comprehensive Analysis of Close Pairs and Tidal Features Using Empirical and Simulated Data [1]
    Design of Multi-modality Deep Fusion Architecture for Deep Acoustic Analytics [1]
    Development of pulsed power sources using self-sustaining nonlinear transmission lines and high-voltage solid-state switches [1]
    Disaster and infrastructure scene understanding [1]
    Effects of healthcare system distrust on cognition in African American older adults with type two diabetes mellitus [1]
    Effects of Light on BDBT Puncta Formation in the Drosophila Eye Reveal Involvement of BDBT with Color Preference Behavior and Distinct Nuclear Localization Pathways for DBT and PER [1]
    Enhanced Etoposide Solubility and Anticancer Activity using Complexation and Nanotechnology [1]
    Extended calendar model versus traditional calendar model: a descriptive analysis of student performance over time [1]
    Fault Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring of Power Electronic Components Using Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR) and the Concept of Dynamic Safe Operating Area (SOA) [1]
    From Galton to Globalization: The Transatlantic Journey of Eugenics [1]
    How Discrimination Experiences Impact Prolonged Grief Disorder Symptoms in Bereaved Black and African Americans [1]
    Intolerance of Uncertainty and the Physiological Correlates of Anticipation and Appraisal of Affective Stimuli [1]
    La Generazione dell'Ottanta and the Italian Sound [1]
    Measuring Level of Degradation in Power Semiconductor Devices using Emerging Techniques [1]
    Missouri Farmers' Perceptions of Climate Change, Adaptation Strategies and the Adoption and Diffusion of Market-Oriented Risk Management Strategies [1]