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    Backdating Stock Options: A Primer in Social Irresponsibility
    Both P-gp and MRP2 mediate transport of Lopinavir, a protease inhibitor
    Classical liberalism of Rerum Novarum : the Vatican's tactic to survive the modern era
    Critical Realism and the Biographical Film Project
    Diverse Struggles to Preserve Tribal Identity on the Plains: Religion as Survival Strategy in the Late Nineteenth Century among the Lakota and Osage
    Fascism on the Plains in "Capital City"
    Gardiner C. Means and the 1980s Shareholders' Attempted Revolution
    Goethe's Plant Morphology: The Seeds of Evolution
    Heterodox Microfoundations: A Methodological Appraisal
    “I Cannot Rule Myself” The Pitfalls of Sensibility in Mary Shelley's The Last Man
    Incentives : The Scaffolding that Keeps Economic Orthodoxy from Teetering into Oblivion?
    Indiscriminate or Intentional: Locations of Nonprofit Organizations in Kansas City
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (JIDR), vol. 1, no. 1 (2007) Preliminary Materials
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (JIDR), vol. 2, no. 1 (2008) Preliminary Materials
    An Oreo Ain't Nothing But A Cookie: An Analysis of Identity Struggles of African Americans in Desegregated Public Schools from 1950 to 1968
    Penitence, Punishment, and Pain: Negotiating Personal Authority in Francis Lathom's The Midnight Bell
    Quest for the Legitimizing Jesus Deployment of a Contested Symbol by a Non-traditional Religious Movement
    Security in User- Assisted Communications
    Structural analysis and the reintegration of poor urban neighborhoods into local and mainstream economies
    TIFues : an examination of the history and current issues in tax increment financing