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    Backdating Stock Options: A Primer in Social Irresponsibility [1]
    Both P-gp and MRP2 mediate transport of Lopinavir, a protease inhibitor [1]
    Classical liberalism of Rerum Novarum : the Vatican's tactic to survive the modern era [1]
    Critical Realism and the Biographical Film Project [1]
    Diverse Struggles to Preserve Tribal Identity on the Plains: Religion as Survival Strategy in the Late Nineteenth Century among the Lakota and Osage [1]
    Fascism on the Plains in "Capital City" [1]
    Gardiner C. Means and the 1980s Shareholders' Attempted Revolution [1]
    Goethe's Plant Morphology: The Seeds of Evolution [1]
    Heterodox Microfoundations: A Methodological Appraisal [1]
    “I Cannot Rule Myself” The Pitfalls of Sensibility in Mary Shelley's The Last Man [1]
    Incentives : The Scaffolding that Keeps Economic Orthodoxy from Teetering into Oblivion? [1]
    Indiscriminate or Intentional: Locations of Nonprofit Organizations in Kansas City [1]
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (JIDR), vol. 1, no. 1 (2007) Preliminary Materials [1]
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (JIDR), vol. 2, no. 1 (2008) Preliminary Materials [1]
    An Oreo Ain't Nothing But A Cookie: An Analysis of Identity Struggles of African Americans in Desegregated Public Schools from 1950 to 1968 [1]
    Penitence, Punishment, and Pain: Negotiating Personal Authority in Francis Lathom's The Midnight Bell [1]
    Quest for the Legitimizing Jesus Deployment of a Contested Symbol by a Non-traditional Religious Movement [1]
    Security in User- Assisted Communications [1]
    Structural analysis and the reintegration of poor urban neighborhoods into local and mainstream economies [1]
    TIFues : an examination of the history and current issues in tax increment financing [1]