This collection contains materials created by the faculty and staff members of MU Libraries at the University of Missouri--Columbia.

Recent Submissions

  • Providing service through #MizzouPDF : interlibrary loan/document delivery 

    Scoville, Caryn; Emerson, Katy; Meadowcroft, Taira; Johnson, E. Diane (2017)
    Why #MIZZOUPDF? Seeing that #icanhazpdf on social media, we felt we could combat illegal sharing of resources with MizzouPDF, while providing a new means of filling interlibrary loan and 'scan and deliver' requests.
  • Using MailPoet to manage faculty publications alerts and track user engagement 

    Scoville, Caryn; Johnson, E. Diane; Meadowcroft, Taira (2017)
    OBJECTIVES: Discovering a need for research faculty to understand what their colleagues were researching and where they were publishing, the University of Missouri School of Medicine Research Council wanted a way to provide ...
  • Hidden treasures in the library : bridging the gap with digitized resources 

    Busch, Tammie M.; Dykas, Felicity (2017)
    Poster presentation that reviews three single-title digitization projects completed at the University of Missouri libraries in response to user requests. Lessons Learned: 1) There really is not a bad candidate for ...
  • Social media as a tool for open access article promotion and engagement 

    Meadowcroft, Taira (2016)
    OBJECTIVES: Facing journal budget cuts, the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences librarians are testing out a way to engage faculty in the open access conversation through social media. This poster will discuss how blogging and ...
  • "The whole crowd of the gang" : keeping the new woman down in Missouri 

    Busch, Tammie M. (Gateway, 2012-11)
    This article discusses Missouri women and the ideal of the "New Woman" around the turn of the twentieth century. It includes the story of Euphemia Koller, a Missouri woman who helped her sister, Mollie Heinbach, fight for ...
  • Digital preservation the hard way 

    Pottinger, Hardy J., IV (Hardy J. Pottinger, IV, 2015)
    An awesome tool set for digital preservation is available to all institutions who use DSpace. This is not a story of how we used this tool set. This is a story of how we recovered from an accidental deletion of a significant ...
  • What's New in Cataloging 2012? 

    Dykas, Felicity; Blonigen, Jacqueline; Schweitzberger, Kathleen (2015)
    This presentation provided an overview of changes in cataloging standards and practices since June 2011. It was presented at the MOBIUS Annual Conference on June 6, 2012 in Columbia, Missouri.
  • The whats, whys and hows of collection level cataloging 

    Schweitzberger, Kathleen; Sistrunk, Wendy; Dykas, Felicity (2005)
  • What's new in cataloging, 2014 

    Schweitzberger, Kathleen; Dykas, Felicity (2014)
    This presentation provided an overview of changes in cataloging standards and practices since June 2013. It was presented at the MOBIUS Annual Conference on June 3, 2014 in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Missouri J-School and the 'backstory' 

    Victoria McCargar Consulting (Victoria McCargar Consulting, 2008)
    When MU's School of Journalism opened its doors in 1908, Associated Press was already 54 years old-a venerable history. However, one of the things AP didn't pay much attention to until very recently was its archives. As a ...
  • Digital archives at MU : the J-School and beyond 

    Victoria McCargar Consulting (Victoria McCargar, 2006)
    As the J-School prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2008, it is also heading toward a digital crossroads. The new Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, with its mandate to explore new frontiers of news gathering in ...
  • Managing & Sharing Your Research Data 

    Anderson, Kate (2014)
    Presentation slides from an October 10, 2014 session of the MU Libraries Fall 2014 Friday Workshop series. This session provided an overview on facilitating the access and reuse of research data. Topics covered included ...
  • Missing links: The digital news preservation discontinuity 

    Carner, Dorothy; McCain, Edward, 1957-; Zarndt, Frederick (2014-08)
    That the spread of printed news has changed dramatically since the Internet and the Web is no news to anyone. The Christian Science Monitor, in print since 1908, ceased daily publication in 2009 to focus on web-based ...
  • Introducing DSpace 3.1 

    Pottinger, Hardy J., IV (Hardy J. Pottinger, IV, 2013-03)
    DSpace 3.0, released in November of 2012, includes many community-driven feature enhancements, including type-based submissions, advanced embargo support, item-level versioning, ElasticSearch-based usage statistics, and a ...
  • DSpace 4 Roundup 

    Pottinger, Hardy J., IV (Hardy J. Pottinger, IV, 2014-01)
    Slides supporting a webinar given on January 21, 2014 by Hardy Pottinger IV on the topic of DSpace 4.
  • Breaking Down Barriers: This is your community, here's how to participate! 

    Pottinger, Hardy J., IV (Hardy J. Pottinger, IV, 2014-03)
    The presenter, a DSpace Committer, covers the importance of community participation in the development of DSpace open-source software products. He includes ways in which one can participate in DSpace development and lists ...
  • Do NIH grant awardees have access to the articles they need? 

    Scoville, Caryn (2013-09)
    Title: Do NIH grant awardees have access to the articles they need? Author: Caryn L. Scoville, MA; J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library, University of Missouri; Columbia, Missouri 65212, . ...
  • Index to Focus articles in the Missouri Monthly Vital Statistics, 1981-1998 

    University of Missouri Health Sciences Library (1998)
    This item is an index to the "Focus" articles published in Missouri Monthly Vital Statistics from 1981-1998, with dates, volume & issue numbers. The index was compiled by the staff of the University of Missouri Health ...
  • CVM Distinguished Service Awards 

    Anderson, Kate (2013)
    The Distinguished Service Award was established by the University of Missouri. College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) in 1974 to honor “someone who has contributed to the success of the college, including alumni; faculty; ...
  • Technology makes learning fun: top 10 technologies to try in your school library 

    Garay, Willa; Hunsaker, Cammie; Lana, Amy L.; Schneider, Josie (2012)
    The following tools offer school library media specialists innovative and useful ways to incorporate technology into classroom instruction, and each can be adapted for use in youth services within public libraries. While ...

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