This collection contains materials created by the faculty and staff members of MU Libraries at the University of Missouri--Columbia.

Recent Submissions

  • Using Zotero for slip-box/Zettelkasten style note-taking : Read. Think. Write. Link. Integrate. 

    Brekhus, Rachel L. (2023)
    This presentation provides an overview of the Zettelkasten method of note-taking and Zotero as a Zettelkasten tool.
  • Catalysts for Community Health (C4CH) 

    Bossaller, Jenny S., 1972-; Adkins, Denice; Pryor, Christina N.; Ward, Deborah H. (2020)
    Poster about the Catalysts for Community Health (C4CH) program, which was presented at the Medical Library Association 2020 Conference and Exhibits. "Catalysts for Community Health (C4CH) is an interdisciplinary community ...
  • OCLC : an overview of interesting and useful products and services 

    Huber, Seth; Dykas, Felicity (2019)
    From WorldShare Management Services (WMS) to the Digital Collection Gateway to the new Library 100, OCLC products and services continue to expand and to provide opportunities for increasing access to library collections. ...
  • RDA basics to get you started 

    Dykas, Felicity; Busch, Tammie (2019)
    Resource Description and Access (RDA), first implemented in 2013, introduced several changes to descriptive cataloging guidelines. Whereas many libraries were early adopters of RDA, there are still libraries who have not ...
  • Establishing Personal and Corporate Name Headings with RDA 

    Dykas, Felicity; Busch, Tammie (2018)
    Behind-the-scenes metadata work assists our users in finding library resources. Determining the searchable form of names for people and corporate entities (aka authority work) is an important part of this metadata work. A ...
  • Custom forms and JavaScript in Innovative's WebPAC : improved functionality you can build yourself 

    Pottinger, Hardy J., IV; McCullough, John (2002)
    This program will discuss combining JavaScript and III's custom forms to improve the functionality of your WebPAC. Attend this program if you'd like to: validate a patron's "not-wanted-after" date (so they cannot enter ...
  • Mapping Missouri with MU digital collections 

    Sumner, Mitch (2018)
    As more information becomes available through digital repositories, people are using that information in varied and exciting ways. Among the University of Missouri Libraries' digital collections, maps are of particular ...
  • Keeping up with scholarly identity : networks, identifiers, and metrics 

    Dykas, Felicity; Suiter, Amy; Moulaison Sandy, Heather (2018)
    A host of resources and tools are used to organize research, demonstrate value, and build communities. Researchers and librarians need to understand the pros and cons of each. This poster gives an overview of some options.
  • Providing service through #MizzouPDF : interlibrary loan/document delivery 

    Scoville, Caryn; Emerson, Katy; Meadowcroft, Taira; Johnson, E. Diane (2017)
    Why #MIZZOUPDF? Seeing that #icanhazpdf on social media, we felt we could combat illegal sharing of resources with MizzouPDF, while providing a new means of filling interlibrary loan and 'scan and deliver' requests.
  • Using MailPoet to manage faculty publications alerts and track user engagement 

    Scoville, Caryn; Johnson, E. Diane; Meadowcroft, Taira (2017)
    OBJECTIVES: Discovering a need for research faculty to understand what their colleagues were researching and where they were publishing, the University of Missouri School of Medicine Research Council wanted a way to provide ...
  • Hidden treasures in the library : bridging the gap with digitized resources 

    Busch, Tammie M.; Dykas, Felicity (2017)
    Poster presentation that reviews three single-title digitization projects completed at the University of Missouri libraries in response to user requests. Lessons Learned: 1) There really is not a bad candidate for ...
  • Social media as a tool for open access article promotion and engagement 

    Meadowcroft, Taira (2016)
    OBJECTIVES: Facing journal budget cuts, the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences librarians are testing out a way to engage faculty in the open access conversation through social media. This poster will discuss how blogging and ...
  • "The whole crowd of the gang" : keeping the new woman down in Missouri 

    Busch, Tammie M. (Gateway, 2012)
    This article discusses Missouri women and the ideal of the "New Woman" around the turn of the twentieth century. It includes the story of Euphemia Koller, a Missouri woman who helped her sister, Mollie Heinbach, fight for ...
  • Digital preservation the hard way 

    Pottinger, Hardy J., IV (Hardy J. Pottinger, IV, 2015)
    An awesome tool set for digital preservation is available to all institutions who use DSpace. This is not a story of how we used this tool set. This is a story of how we recovered from an accidental deletion of a significant ...
  • Library data and its future on the web 

    Rodriguez, Sandy; Dykas, Felicity; Aycock, Mary (2015)
    Metadata created by libraries has been locked up in libraries for a long time. BIBFRAME, the proposed replacement for MARC, will free library metadata from library silos and will help us get our data on the web where it ...
  • What's New in Cataloging 2012? 

    Dykas, Felicity; Blonigen, Jacqueline; Schweitzberger, Kathleen (2015)
    This presentation provided an overview of changes in cataloging standards and practices since June 2011. It was presented at the MOBIUS Annual Conference on June 6, 2012 in Columbia, Missouri.
  • The whats, whys and hows of collection level cataloging 

    Schweitzberger, Kathleen; Sistrunk, Wendy; Dykas, Felicity (2005)
  • What's new in cataloging, 2014 

    Schweitzberger, Kathleen; Dykas, Felicity (2014)
    This presentation provided an overview of changes in cataloging standards and practices since June 2013. It was presented at the MOBIUS Annual Conference on June 3, 2014 in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Missouri J-School and the 'backstory' 

    Victoria McCargar Consulting; McCargar, Victoria (Victoria McCargar Consulting, 2008)
    When MU's School of Journalism opened its doors in 1908, Associated Press was already 54 years old-a venerable history. However, one of the things AP didn't pay much attention to until very recently was its archives. As a ...
  • Digital archives at MU : the J-School and beyond 

    Victoria McCargar Consulting (Victoria McCargar, 2006)
    As the J-School prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2008, it is also heading toward a digital crossroads. The new Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, with its mandate to explore new frontiers of news gathering in ...

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