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    Assessing multilevel construct validity with latent variable modeling: validating school-level inferences in college base
    CFTR chloride channels and ABC active transporters undergo similar structural rearrangements as part of their operation
    Complemented block bases of symmetric bases and spectral tetris fusion frame constructions
    Coparenting in low-income, African American, single mother households: an examination of their formation, and the roles of social support and relationship quality
    Corporate social responsibility in the wood products industry: a consumer perspective
    Cross-cultural coping in a Taiwanese cultural context: a qualitative study of Filipina immigrants' utilization of coping strategies within a cross-cultural transition
    Decentralization in parliamentary systems: new perspectives on its causes and consequences
    Differentiating a chunk from a group: the role of verbal rehearsal in creating a hierarchical list structure
    The effect of maternal genotype, prenatal stress, and perinatal diet in offspring behavior in an animal model of autism
    Emotional modulation by food rewards: blink and pinna-flexion reflex amplitude while anticipating and viewing images of food
    Empirical study of image describing and searching behaviors of medical image users
    The evolution of Brassica crops and wild relatives: phylogenetics, development and domestication
    Examining beginning biology teachers' knowledge, beliefs, and practice for teaching natural selection
    Factors influencing students' self-perceived levels of civic responsibility during FFA sponsored civic engagement activities
    The feasibility co-firing biomass for electricity in Missouri
    Flat-plate oscillating heat pipes and thermal spreading analysis of heat spreaders
    Fluorescent sensors for lipids and hydrophobic amines in aqueous solution
    From Hattie to Halle: an autoethnographic exploration of a black actress performing weight loss
    Gene replacement restores the contractile and passive properties of skeletal muscle in murine models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
    Hope and social support as moderators of the impact of academic and deployment stress on the academic achievement of student-veterans