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    Factors that predict graduation among college students with disabilities
    Family structure, residential area and housing demand: evidence from micro-data for the U.S.
    Famous last words
    Fantasy football participation and media usage
    Firm access to capital markets in Europe
    The first year: an autoethnography of the Troubling Violence Performance Project
    La folie, le mal de l'Afrique postcoloniale dans le Baobab fou et la folie et la mort de Ken Bugul
    Food security, nutrition and health of food pantry participants
    For better or worse?: the impact of accounts and attributions following marital infidelity
    Freewriting for fluency and flow in eighth and ninth grade reading classes
    From carbon to copper: studies of novel nanomaterials
    From service design to delivery: integrating marketing and operations in the service unit
    The future of community policing in the context of basic police academy training
    Games leaders play: renegade regimes and international crises
    General relativistic theory of light propagation in the field of gravitational multipoles
    The generalization of positive intergroup attitudes: reducing intergroup anxiety
    Generational shifts and the creation of political selves: a focus group investigation
    Georges Perec: autobiographie et trauma
    A good mate inspires loyalty: relationship quality moderates an ovulatory phase shift in romantic relationship feelings
    Habitat use and home range of American bitterns (Botuarus lentiginosus) and monitoring of inconspicuous marsh birds in northwest Minnesota