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    Adaptive array signal processing using the concentric ring array and the spherical array
    Aging on the farm: toward a model of passionate place attachment
    Agroforestry and grass buffers for improving soil hydraulic properties and reducing runoff and sediment losses from grazed pastures
    Alone/together: the production of religious culture in a church for the unchurched
    Alternatively certified mathematics teachers: factors that contribute to changes in instruction over time
    The American dream and the margins in twentieth century fiction
    Analysis of residential housing markets in large U.S. metropolitan areas
    An analysis of the impact of the A+ schools program on student enrollment, certificate or degree completion and transitioning to a four-year university
    Anger, efficacy, and identity in activism: public perceptions of threat appraisal, attitudes, and behavioral intention
    Application of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy to food safety issues
    Approximate isometries and distortion energy functionals
    Aquatic and terrestrial exposure of amphibians to estrogenic endocrine disrupting contaminants
    Assessing the role of pair familiarity in the associative deficit of older adults
    Asymptotic unconditionality in Banach spaces
    Athletes' experiences of sport psychology consultation: exploring a multi-season, cross gender intervention
    Attending to our work: a framework for understanding and evaluating the division of labor
    The Bavarian model?: modernization, environment, and landscape planning in the Bavarian nuclear power industry, 1950-1980
    Bayesian smoothing spline analysis of variance models
    A behavioral feedback-based intervention to improve medication adherence in older adults with hypertension
    Bioinformatics methods for protein identification using peptide mass fingerprinting data