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  • Negotiation skills 

    Fiske, Christine; Clark, Janet A. (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1996)
    People resolve disagreements in many ways. Some tend to deal with potential conflict by denying it or trying to avoid it altogether. Instead of confronting and resolving problems, people may let their anger and resentment ...
  • Prioritizing your time 

    Prather, Carole G. (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1996)
    Think of time as one of the tools that you have available to reach your goals. As with many tools, if you want to use time effectively, it may require some training (or retraining), determination and practice.
  • Women's self-esteem 

    DeBord, Karen (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1996)
    Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is an image you create. This is not just one image, but many images. How do you see yourself in your many roles?
  • Promoting family strengths 

    Cole, Kelly A.; Clark, Janet A.; Gable, Sara (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1999)
    In our society, families take on many different structures. Although they may be formed in different ways, most families accomplish similar tasks, such as childbearing, providing for members' basic needs, providing emotional ...
  • Helping children adjust to divorce : a guide for teachers 

    Leon, Kim; Spengler, Leanne (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 2005)
    Schools can play an important role in helping children make a positive adjustment to their parents’ divorce. This guide suggests ways that schools, preschools and childcare centers can support children through difficult ...
  • Creating a strong and satisfying marriage 

    Leigh, Sharon J. (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 2000)
    All marriages change over time. But with hard work and dedication, people can keep their marriages strong and enjoyable. How is it done? What does it take to create a long-lasting, satisfying marriage? A volume of research ...
  • Child abuse and neglect 

    Pike, Lynn Blinn (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1997)
    National statistics on the amount of child abuse and neglect are difficult to obtain because states use different definitions. Some states report only substantiated cases that have been verified according to state law. ...
  • Helping infants and toddlers adjust to divorce 

    Hunter, Jane; Trussell, Jessica (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 2016)
    This guide is part of a series aimed at helping families in which parents are separated or divorcing and who share parenting responsibilities for children. We will use the terms divorce and separation interchangeably to ...
  • Exercising in the heat 

    Ball, Stephen D. (University of Missouri Extension, 2015)
  • Bathroom safety for older people 

    Yost, Anna Cathryn; Martinr, James (University of Missouri Extension, 1998)
  • Bridging the gap : intergenerational programs 

    DeBord, Karen B.; Flanagan, Vikki (University of Missouri Extension, 2009)
  • Foundations for a successful stepfamily 

    Milne, Diana (University of Missouri Extension, 2016)
  • Challenges and choices : deciding to be healthy 

    Carlson, Gail R. (University of Missouri Extension, 2009)
  • Challenges and choices : fit for life 

    Sigman, Amy C. (2009)
  • Challenges and choices : family health 

    Carlson, Gail R. (2009)
  • Domestic violence and custody issues 

    Schramm, David; Carter Dochler, Jennifer; Martinez, Kelly (2016)
  • Kitchens for workers in wheelchairs 

    Alexander, Alice Mae (1993)

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