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  • Challenges and choices: fit for life 

    Sigman, Amy (2018)
    Do you want to feel great? Chances are, you do. So how do you get there? Healthy habits can bridge the way to feeling great. Read on to find out what you can do for better health.
  • How to use dehydrated foods 

    Mills-Gray, Susan (2018)
    "Dehydrated vegetables and fruits provide convenient and delicious additions to family meals. They can be used alone, in combination with other foods or as an accent to add flavor. Most uses require that the food be ...
  • How to dehydrate foods 

    Mills-Gray, Susan (2018)
    Dehydrating does not improve the quality of fruits or vegetables. Therefore, when selecting produce to dry, be sure it is of high quality and at the desired stage of ripeness. Before drying produce, sort it; use that of ...
  • How to can fresh tomato products 

    Mills-Gray, Susan (2018)
    "Select only firm, disease-free fruit for canning; vine-ripened varieties are best. Tomatoes used to be considered an acidic food, but most of today’s varieties are low-acid. To safely can tomato sauce or whole, crushed ...
  • The basics of safe canning : quality for keeps (2018) 

    (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    Covers best practices for canning methods and equipment.
  • Safe and successful home canning : quality for keeps (2018) 

    (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    Covers two main types of canners for home canning and best practices for sterilizing and packing canning jars,
  • Introducing food dehydration : quality for keeps (2018) 

    (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    Covers benefits, drying methods, storage, and equipment.
  • How to pickle (2018) 

    (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    Choose the best ingredients
  • Nutrition fit for life : challenges choices (1996) 

    Sigman, Amy (University of Missouri Extension, 1996)
    "Here are some fun, simple ways to eat fruits and vegetables with your meals and snacks."--Page 1.
  • How to freeze fruits (2018) 

    (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
  • Canning meat, fish and poultry (2018) 

    Mills-Gray, Susan (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
  • How to can fresh vegetables (2018) 

    Mills-Gray, Susan (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
  • How to can fresh fruit (2018) 

    ; null (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    "These guides will give you information on correct canning procedures."--Page 1.
  • Negotiation skills (1996) 

    Fiske, Christine; Clark, Janet A. (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1996)
    People resolve disagreements in many ways. Some tend to deal with potential conflict by denying it or trying to avoid it altogether. Instead of confronting and resolving problems, people may let their anger and resentment ...
  • Prioritizing your time (1996) 

    Prather, Carole G. (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1996)
    Think of time as one of the tools that you have available to reach your goals. As with many tools, if you want to use time effectively, it may require some training (or retraining), determination and practice.
  • Women's self-esteem (1996) 

    DeBord, Karen (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 1996)
    Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is an image you create. This is not just one image, but many images. How do you see yourself in your many roles?
  • Promoting family strengths (2001) 

    Cole, Kelly A.; Clark, Janet A.; Gable, Sara (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 2001)
    In our society, families take on many different structures. Although they may be formed in different ways, most families accomplish similar tasks, such as childbearing, providing for members' basic needs, providing emotional ...
  • Creating a strong and satisfying marriage (2000) 

    Clark, Janet A. (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 2000)
    All marriages change over time. But with hard work and dedication, people can keep their marriages strong and enjoyable. How is it done? What does it take to create a long-lasting, satisfying marriage? A volume of research ...
  • Child abuse and neglect (2000) 

    Pike, Lynn Blinn (University of Missouri, Office of Extension, 2000)
    National statistics on the amount of child abuse and neglect are difficult to obtain because states use different definitions. Some states report only substantiated cases that have been verified according to state law. ...
  • Bathroom safety for older people 

    Yost, Anna Cathryn; Martinr, James (University of Missouri Extension, 1998)

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