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    Access to food in Columbia, Missouri
    An actor-network analysis of the Arizona Trail
    Application of hyperspectral remote sensing in detecting and mapping Sericea lespedeza in Missouri
    Assessing grassland distributions and spatio-temporal variations in the U.S. Great Plains with MODIS imagery
    Assessing the resolution effects of digital elevation models on automated floodplain delineation: a case study from the Camp Creek Watershed in Missouri
    Bastions of turf: frisians, terpen and the re-adoption of a "working" landscape
    Bike Share: A Study In Suitability Analysis
    Biomass assessment in the U.S. midwest using MODIS time-series
    Castles in America: their diffusion in the northeastern United States during the Romantic Era (1870-1930)
    Climate and regeneration at upper treeline east and west of the continental divide in the northern and southern Rocky Mountains: do landscape- and localscale moisture gradients impact the biogeographic expression of climate change?
    Community eclipse and Shanghai's lilong
    A comparison of forest change detection methods and implications for forest management
    Covering the bases: variations in the arguments to justify publicly-funded baseball stadiums
    Decolonizing conservation? : co-management of natural resources in Bushbuckridge Nature Reserve (BBR NR), South Africa
    Development of an integrated forest management decision support system: integrating the LANDIS model and ArcGIS
    Dude, where's my internet: an examination of broadband internet access, infrastructure, and potential for expansion in Missouri
    Evoking landscape practices through ethnographic fiction
    Flood potential of Poyang Lake, China
    Foods eye view : using participant-generated data, and creative nonfiction to explore the extent and current scope of urban agriculture in Saint Paul, MN and barriers therto
    Forest fire risk modeling of the Mark Twain National Forest