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    Access to food in Columbia, Missouri
    An actor-network analysis of the Arizona Trail
    Application of hyperspectral remote sensing in detecting and mapping Sericea lespedeza in Missouri
    Assessing border permeability : a geospatial analysis of insurgent mobility
    Assessing grassland distributions and spatio-temporal variations in the U.S. Great Plains with MODIS imagery
    Assessing the resolution effects of digital elevation models on automated floodplain delineation: a case study from the Camp Creek Watershed in Missouri
    Bastions of turf: frisians, terpen and the re-adoption of a "working" landscape
    Bike Share: A Study In Suitability Analysis
    Biomass assessment in the U.S. midwest using MODIS time-series
    Castles in America: their diffusion in the northeastern United States during the Romantic Era (1870-1930)
    Climate and regeneration at upper treeline east and west of the continental divide in the northern and southern Rocky Mountains: do landscape- and localscale moisture gradients impact the biogeographic expression of climate change?
    Community eclipse and Shanghai's lilong
    A comparison of forest change detection methods and implications for forest management
    Covering the bases: variations in the arguments to justify publicly-funded baseball stadiums
    Crime in the city : understanding geospatial relationships among crime and the urban landscape
    Decolonizing conservation? : co-management of natural resources in Bushbuckridge Nature Reserve (BBR NR), South Africa
    Development of an integrated forest management decision support system: integrating the LANDIS model and ArcGIS
    Dude, where's my internet: an examination of broadband internet access, infrastructure, and potential for expansion in Missouri
    Evoking landscape practices through ethnographic fiction
    Finding their place in pictures : reflecting on images of international women's lives in State College, PA