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    Fault evolution and earthquakes: a finite element study
    Fault evolution and strain partitioning within deforming continents
    Fault segmentation and paleoseismicity along the North Wutaishan Fault of the Shanxi Graben System, China
    Flow and heat transfer properties of Mono Craters rhyolites: effects of temperature, water content, and crystallinity
    Fluid inclusion and oxygen isotope studies of high-grade quartz-scheelite veins at the Cantung Mine, Northwest Territories, Canada: products of a late-stage magmatic-hydrothermal event
    Fluid inclusion evidence for the nature of fluids associated with recrystallization of quartzites in the EJB contact Aureole, California
    Fluorine concentrations of ore fluids in the Illinois-Kentucky district : evidence from SEM-EDS analysis of fluid inclusion decrepitates
    Geochemical studies of gold mineralizing events in the Discovery-Ormsby and Clan Lake areas of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, Northwest Territories, Canada
    Geochemistry and fluid evolution of a carboniferous-hosted sphalerite breccia deposit, Isle of Man
    Geochemistry and origins of Mississippi Valley type mineralizing fluids of the Ozark Plateau
    Geochemistry and reaction path modeling of the Beowawe hydrothermal system, Nevada: a barren end-member epithermal system
    Geochemistry, petrogenesis and tectonic setting of igneous rocks of the Hartville uplift, Eastern Wyoming
    Geologic Mapping, Structural Analysis, and Paleostress Modeling of Late-Stage N-S Laramide Shortening in the Lander NW Quadrangle, Wind River Basin, Wyoming
    A geologic section along the north side of the Missouri River from Providence, Missouri to North Jefferson, Missouri
    Gold in the Northern Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, Canada and Pb-Zn-Cu in the MVT deposits of S.E. Missouri : geochemical studies and numerical models
    GPS measurements of present day crustal deformation within the Lebanese Restraining Bend along the Dead Sea Transform
    Hydrology of the Forest City Basin, mid-continent, USA: implications for CO2 sequestration in the St. Peter sandstone
    Igneous intrusions and thermal evolution in the Raton Basin, CO-NM: contact metamorphism and coal-bed methane generation
    Induced seismicity in Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah
    Influences of pluton growth on magma crystallinity, aureole rheology, chamber stability and metamorphic fluid flow: numerical modeling of the growth of Papoose Flat pluton, White-Inyo Range, California